Posobiec: Hillary Met With Kamala Harris, Is ‘Putting Together Exploratory Committee’ for 2024 Run


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Human Events senior editor Jack Posobiec explained during an interview on Thursday why he believes Hillary Clinton is already well on her way to staging a political comeback and a bid for the Democratic presidential nomination for 2024.

Specifically, Posobiec, formerly with One America News, said Clinton is already putting together a campaign apparatus.

“Hillary Clinton – mark my words – is putting together a potential exploratory campaign to either primary Joe Biden – I’ve been reporting on this at Human Events for over a month, now – to either primary him or run if he does not run,” he told the Breitbart News Daily podcast with special guest host Jerome Hudson.

“We know that she’s met with Kamala Harris in the White House, so those two are cooking something up, and now all of a sudden, we see this Wall Street Journal article, Doug Schoen’s out there,” Posobiec, a former U.S. Navy intelligence officer, continued.

“Doug Schoen’s out there. Now they’re on CNN talking about, ‘Is Hillary our Beto for 2024?’ This is coming. She is looking for a comeback,” he continued.


The left-leaning mainstream media’s effort to promote Clinton is a sign of how weak Democrats’ presidential depth really is in terms of viable candidates, Posobiec suggested.

That’s how bad the Democrats’ bench is. It’s so bad. … They have nowhere else to turn to. Hillary Clinton being the famous – infamous – opportunist that she is, is looking at this situation, she’s reading the tea leaves, and she’s saying, ‘You know what? I can come in and I can beat them in a primary,’ and she might just be right,” he explained.

He went on to say that Biden’s press conference on Wednesday should have been of particular interest to Clinton, indicating that she likely watched it very closely.

“There are three entities who are paying very close attention to that press conference: the leaders of Ukraine, the leaders of Taiwan, and Hillary Clinton,” he said.

Posobiec also offered Republicans some advice heading into the 2022 midterm elections later this fall.

“[Republicans] seem very content to rest on their laurels and ride to victory over the back of Joe Biden and his failures,” he said. “That’s all well and good, but at the same time … if Republicans want to stick the landing, they need to have a strategy to govern from day one, and I haven’t seen that yet, whether it be from Kevin McCarthy or from the Freedom Caucus.


“I haven’t seen that Republican plan, that conservative agenda to say, ‘We are going to return the country to normalcy,'” he offered.

Posobiec’s analysis comes on the heels of another report — this one from the Daily Mail — claiming that both Bill and Hillary Clinton want to get back into the political sphere as Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris flounder and the FX network’s :Impeachment: American Crime Story,” which produced by Monica Lewinsky, flopped.

A campaign finance bundler told Politico Playbook that the Clintons, formerly the Democratic Party’s premier power couple, “don’t want to be pariahs anymore,” adding they believe their ‘centrist’ policies would work.


“It’s less about being kingmakers and more about being relevant and people seeing them as a net positive, not a net negative,” the bundler told Politico, per the Daily Mail.

Notably, when asked last week what the Democrats’ 2024 presidential ticket is going to look like, Vice President Kamala Harris went out of her way to avoid answering.

“I’m sorry, we are thinking about today,” Harris told NBC’s Craig Melvin after he asked the question.

“Honestly, I know why you are asking the question because this is part of the punditry and the gossip around places like Washington, D.C.,” she continued.

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