Psaki Dances Around Questions On Access To Border Facilities

Written by Carmine Sabia

OPINION: This article contains commentary which reflects the author's opinion

If there is one thing that White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has excelled at in her short time on the job it is her penchant for making herself look ridiculous.

It happens to her during many a White House press briefing and it happened to her again on Sunday when she spoke to “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace, Mediaite reported.

Fox News’ Chris Wallace spoke with White House press secretary Jen Psaki on Sunday and opened by asking about the migrant surge at the border — particularly the lack of media access to border facilities.

President Joe Biden was questioned on that issue during his Thursday press conference. He said, “You’ll have full access to everything once we get this thing moving.”

Wallace noted to Psaki that “the only way we know how bad conditions are” right now is because of pictures that members of Congress released.

“These kids are living in these conditions now. They’re not living in these conditions some indeterminate time from now when the president says everything will be fixed,” Wallace said, pressing Psaki on why reporters cannot be allowed into the facilities now in a safe way.

Psaki said that the Biden administration is “absolutely committed” to doing that, but when Wallace pressed her on when that would be, she did her usual dance around the question.

“We want to provide access into the border patrol facilities,” she said. “We are mindful of the fact that we are in the middle of a pandemic. We want to keep these kids safe, keep the staff safe, but we are absolutely committed to transparency and providing access to media to the border patrol facilities.”

To his credit Wallace was not taking that as an answer.

“At this point, in terms of allowing access to border patrol facilities for reporters, you are being less transparent than the Trump administration,” he said, taking another swipe at Trump as he so often does.

But Psaki still did not give a direct answer to the question but rather used the opportunity to compare Biden’s immigration policies with those of Trump saying that the Trump administration “was turning away kids at the border, sending them back on the treacherous journey, or they were ripping kids from the arms of their parents.”

She said again that they are “committed to allowing cameras into the border patrol facilities.”

The only peak we have had so far is from a delegation of Republican senators who showed a disturbing video of conditions at the border facilities.

“These are the Biden cages,” he said, showing the kids with their faces blurred, “Thousands of kids, in the midst of a pandemic, crammed in at 1500% capacity,” he said. “This is just one of the ‘pods’ at Donna. There are SEVEN more, equally full.”

“We just saw a dead body floating on the Rio Grande coming by, someone who died crossing no doubt with a trafficker. This is inhumane what is going on.” Cruz said at a press conference talking about the conditions he and his colleagues witnessed.  “Joe Biden and the Biden administration have made decisions that are causing these people to suffer and to do this in a pandemic is particularly irresponsible.”

“John and I were able to bring 18 senators down to Texas, down to the Valley, to see firsthand the crisis that is unfolding here,” he said. “All of us today witnessed the ‘Biden cages.’ What is occurring here on the border is heartbreaking, and it is a tragedy.”

It appears that Biden wants to wait until they can fix the conditions at the facility and make them presentable before they allow reporters to see them and Psaki is not doing a good job of hiding it.