Ron DeSantis Wishes America A Speedy Recovery From Joe Biden


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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis shared his get well wishes after President Joe Biden was diagnosed with COVID, but his wishes were not only for the president.

Speaking at the at the Student Action Summit held by Turning Point USA, the Florida governor said he wanted to see America recover from Biden.

“I want to, on behalf of the State of Florida, wish President Biden a speedy recovery from COVID. And I also want to wish the United States of America a speedy recovery from Joe Biden,” the Florida governor said.

His message to the crowd was focused on national politics, continuing speculation that he may campaign for president in 2024.

“If we get that red wave in the House and in the Senate, and Republicans have majorities, here’s what I think we as voters want to see – we want to see you do something with those majorities,” he said.

“We want to see you hold [Biden] and his ilk accountable for what they’re doing at the southern border,” the Florida governor said.

He went on to attack Democrat California Governor Gavin Newsom, who many believe could be a contender for the Democrats in 2024 if President Biden decides not to campaign for the presidency again.

“We believe every parent in the state of Florida has a right to send their little kid to elementary school without having radical gender ideology injected into the curriculum. It is totally inappropriate to take some six year old kid and to say, well, ‘You may have been born a boy, but maybe you’re really a girl.’ That is wrong and may fly in California but it does not fly here in the state of Florida,” he said.


It comes after he hit back at Newsom this month after the California governor aired ads in Florida to bring residents to his state.

“Freedom is under attack in your state,” Newsom said in the ad paid for by his re-election campaign airing in a state where his voters are not.

“Republican leaders – they’re banning books, making it harder to vote, restricting speech in classrooms, even criminalizing women and doctors. I urge all of you to join the fight, or join us in California, where we still believe in freedom,” he said.

And now Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has hit back when asked about the California governor’s ad campaign.

“Everyone wants to talk about me and Florida. I’m just sitting here, little old me, doing my job,” he said at a press conference.

“I can just tell you this, I was born and raised in this state, and until the last couple of years I rarely if ever saw a California license plate in the state of Florida, you now see a lot of them. I can tell you if you go to California you ain’t seeing very many Florida license plates,” he said.

It is likely that Gov. Newsom is getting desperate as there has been a mass exodus from his state, CNBC reported.


More than 360,000 people left California in 2021, in what some are calling “The California Exodus” — many leaving for states like Texas, Arizona and Washington.

And a rising number of former Californians are migrating out of the country altogether and are instead heading south of the border. Many are seeking a more relaxed and affordable lifestyle in Mexico.

California continuously ranks high as one of the country’s most expensive states to live in. The median asking price for a home in California is about $797,470 — only 25% of the state’s households could afford that in the fourth quarter of 2021. 

This month Gov. DeSantis fought back against the courts after a 15-week abortion ban in his state was stopped.

Leon County Judge John Cooper issued a temporary block on the legislation that was to take effect on Friday, July 1, Breitbart News reported.


“Florida passed into its constitution an explicit right of privacy that is not contained in the U.S. Constitution. The Florida Supreme Court has determined in its words ‘Florida’s privacy provision is clearly implicated in a woman’s decision on whether or not to continue her pregnancy,’” the judge said.

It is part of lawsuits nationwide against states that are enacting limits or bans on abortions.

“We did have a ruling in Tallahassee effectively enjoining the bill that we provided. … We knew that that was likely going to be what was decided in that case. We knew that we were gonna have to move forward and continue the legal battle on that,” the governor said on Thursday as he said that the decision was not “unanticipated.”

“It was not of course something, you know, that we were happy to see. And when you talk about — these are unborn babies that have heartbeat, they can feel pain, they can suck their thumb. And to say that the state constitution mandates things like dismemberment abortions — I just don’t think that’s the proper interpretation,” he said as he promised to appeal the decision.

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