Cheney ‘Secretly Orchestrated’ Former Defense Secretaries To Write Op-Ed Slamming Trump

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Wyoming GOP Rep. Liz Cheney is refusing to back down in her feud with Donald Trump.

According to a report, Cheney “secretly orchestrated” an op-ed in the Washington Post from all living former secretaries of defense slamming Trump’s handling of the military in January, according to the New Yorker.

A good friend of Cheney’s, Eric Edelman, reportedly told the New Yorker that Cheney had personally met with all 10 living former defense secretaries, including Trump’s first defense secretary, Jim Mattis, urging them to participate in the op-ed.

“She was the one who generated it because she was so worried about what Trump might do,” Edelman told the magazine. “It speaks to the degree that she was concerned about the threat to our democracy that Trump represented.”

Trump has endorsed Cheney’s potential replacement.

Trump has endorsed New York GOP Rep. Elise Stefanik, who is quickly becoming the favorite to replace Cheney on her House Committee seats.

Earlier this week, it was reported that House leadership is considering removing Cheney, the third-ranking Republican, from her leadership role.

Trump has fully endorsed the idea.

“Liz Cheney is a warmongering fool who has no business in Republican Party Leadership,” Trump said. “We want leaders who believe in the Make America Great Again movement and prioritize the values of America First. Elise Stefanik is a far superior choice, and she has my COMPLETE and TOTAL endorsement for GOP Conference Chair. Elise is a tough and smart communicator!”

Stefanik responded on Twitter with her acceptance of the endorsement.

House Minority Leader and California Rep. Kevin McCarthy is very concerned about Rep. Liz Cheney’s ability to continue in her role in House GOP leadership.

In an interview with Fox News on Tuesday, he told Steve Doocey that he is concerned about Cheney’s ability to “carry out the message” of the Republican Party.

“There’s no concern about how she voted on impeachment. That decision has been made. I have heard from members concerned about her ability to carry out the job as conference chair — to carry out the message,” he said.

“We all need to be working as one if we’re able to win the majority. Remember, majorities are not given; they are earned. And that’s about the message about going forward,” he said.

McCarthy said that Republicans in the House are more concerned with “what’s our best step forward that we could all work together instead of attacking one another.”

A spokesperson for Rep. Cheney continued her nonstop obsession with the Capitol riot of Jan. 6 in a statement to the press on McCarthy’s interview.

“This is about whether the Republican Party is going to perpetuate lies about the 2020 election and attempt to whitewash what happened on Jan 6. Liz will not do that. That is the issue,” spokesperson Jeremy Adler said to The Hill.

Cheney is at odds with Republicans who have had it with her and her consistent attacks on Donald Trump, with whom she appears to be obsessed.

“Liz Cheney has promised she will campaign on impeaching Trump ‘every day of the week.’ Good luck with that, Liz! PREDICTION: she’ll be out of her GOP leadership role by month’s end!” Texas Rep. Lance Gooden said.

His tweet comes after a report that House leadership is considering removing Cheney from her leadership role.

Cheney (R-Wyo.) told reporters during several interviews at a GOP retreat in Orlando, Florida, that anyone challenging the 2020 election results should be disqualified from a presidential campaign in 2024, and that she herself would not rule out a run.

She also said a commission to examine the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection should be narrowly focused — not the wide-ranging probe McCarthy favors.

In addition, Cheney characterized a memo Banks wrote about how the party could retain working-class voters as “neo-Marxist.”

“That’s what we got out of Liz Cheney, which doesn’t help us remain focused on that single goal,” he said.

“Her lack of focus on that, while being focused on other things, and proving her point, was an unwelcome distraction,” the representative said. “The sort of sideline distractions at the GOP retreat will only serve to hold us back from being focused on that nearly unanimous goal we have as a conference,” he added.

Several other prominent Republicans have spoken against Cheney and it is tough to determine what her strategy is.

“This idea that you just disregard President Trump is not where we are, and, frankly, he has a lot to offer still,” Louisiana Rep. Steve Scalise said.

“If you’re sitting here at a retreat that’s focused on policy, focused on the future of making American [sic] next-century, and you’re talking about something else, you’re not being productive,” House Minority Leader and California Rep. Kevin McCarthy said.

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