Report: Dossier Author Refusing To Cooperate With Durham Investigation

Former British spy Christopher Steele, who authored the infamous dossier that kicked off the Trump-Russia investigation, is refusing to cooperate with U.S. Attorney John Durham’s investigation into the origins of the Russia investigation.

Steele told an audience at Oxford University that he believes U.S. investigators have acted in “bad faith.”

Steele also criticized the IG, saying that he cooperated with the probe for “four or five months,” and observed “very bad qualities” on the part of government officials.

“I was surprised that very little of what I had discussed with them appeared in the final [Mueller] report,” Steele told the crowd.

The Daily Beast reported:

Trump’s attorney general, Bill Barr, has now appointed U.S. Attorney John Durham to lead a further probe into the origins of the Russia investigation, which was originally labeled “Crossfire Hurricane.”

Barr has asked Durham to examine whether there was any criminality involved after DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz found “serious errors” in the FBI’s work, conducted amid the tumultuous conditions of the 2016 presidential campaign.

Steele said he would not cooperate with Barr and John Durham’s new investigation, saying he and his private investigation company Orbis Business Intelligence had already “done our duty” by cooperating fully with the IG report.

Durham’s team recently approached Steele seeking an interview and he rejected the request because he believes that he would not be treated fairly.

Numerous questions remain unanswered about how Steele collected information for his dossier, which is still unverified.

From late 2015 to early 2016, Fusion GPS hired Steele to compile the dossier.

As the 2016 presidential election was ramping up, Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee paid Fusion GPS roughly $9 million to fund Steele’s anti-Trump operation.

The FBI and the Department of Justice used the Clinton-DNC funded dossier to launch the Russia investigation against Trump in mid-2016.

This also paved the way for the appointment of Robert Mueller as the special counsel.

Consider that: A Clinton-funded hit piece sparked a Deep State effort to take down Trump, the duly elected president of the United States.

After more than two years of investigating, Mueller ended his Russia probe declaring there was no evidence of collusion or obstruction of justice.

The Department of Justice’s inspector general report was a harsh assessment of the FBI as well as of Steele.

It said that the FBI failed to disclose information about Steele and the sourcing for his dossier that would have called the reliability of the document into question.

House Intelligence Committee ranking member Devin Nunes said earlier this month that House Republicans are planning to send criminal referrals against members of Mueller’s prosecution team.

Having examined witness reports and other new documents released by the FBI, Republicans now claim to have evidence that Mueller’s team misled the courts during their investigation.

“We’re now going through these 302s, and we’re going to be making criminal referrals on the Mueller dossier team, the people that put this report together,” the lawmaker said.