Alaska GOP State Rep. Gary Knopp Asked Not To Run As A Republican Candidate Amid Allegations He’s Secretly Helping Democrats

Things are already starting to heat up in a big way heading into the November 3rd presidential election.

There is no in-between at this point — either you’re with President Donald Trump or you are against him.

After reportedly trying to stage a coup against Republicans, several GOP lawmakers have officially asked Alaska State Rep. Gary Knopp to not run as a Republican candidate in November, Must Read Alaska reported.

Knopp is apparently a rogue Republican who helped lead a coup against fellow Republicans, installed a House speaker who is a lifelong Democrat, and allowed the Democrat minority in Alaska’s State House to have power than they should.

In a letter signed by District 30 Republican Chairman Thomas R. Daly, he wrote to Knopp: “Since your election, the team is disappointed in your performance and no longer supports your candidacy. The representation provided is not what our team voted to receive. This dissatisfaction has been communicated and formalized by the censure vote of both District 30 and the SCC (State Central Committee of the Alaska Republican Party).”

The letter asks Knopp to withdraw from the primary as a Republican candidate.

Must Read Alaska reported:

Knopp has a well-known name, and there are two candidates running against him that will split the primary vote: Candidates Ron Gillham and Kelly Wolfe make it highly likely that Knopp could win the primary again, in spite of dissatisfaction of as many as two-thirds of the voters.

He has been the focus of a recall attempt that never got enough signatures to make it to the ballot and although Kenai is a politically conservative stronghold, turnout could be light this August, as people disengage from public activity.

Consider what is at play here.

Some might think this is just one lawmaker in Alaska, but we have learned over the years that these turncoats exist throughout Washington, D.C.

Knopp literally helped stage a coup against members of his own party so that Democrats could take more control.

We see this often with Republicans in the U.S. Congress. For example, Utah GOP Sen. Mitt Romney has been going against Trump for years and working with Democrats on a slew of issues.

The problem is that rogue lawmakers like Knopp often begin in state legislatures and then work their way up into the U.S. Congress, where they claim to be a Republican in public only to be a closet liberal hellbent on derailing Trump’s agenda.

It will be important to remember this when voting in November.