Dan Bongino Calls For Joe Biden’s Resignation


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Conservative commentator Dan Bongino is calling for Joe Biden to resign from office over his latest catastrophic failure.

During a segment on “Unfiltered with Dan Bongino,” he said that if Biden does not resign, he should be impeached over the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan.

“I have a couple of messages I need to get out there – they’re important, time for BS is over. The first message is for Joe Biden, our president in name only: You failed. You are a total, epic, colossal apocalyptic failure,” Bongino began.

“You failed the American people, you failed our country, you failed our military, our Army, our Marines, our Air Force, our Navy, you failed the Afghan people, you failed our allies. You, you, you failed everyone. Because you were a coward. You failed. History will remember this as one of the most colossal, epic political failures in America’s history. And you did this. Not our military. You did this,” he added.

“And not only did you fail, when your failures became obvious to everyone, when we watched Afghans fall off planes trying to get out of a country taken over by medieval savages, you dismissed them, telling people, ‘Don’t worry, it was just a couple days ago,'” he continued.

“Is there a statute of limitations on people falling off planes, trying to ride planes on the outside to escape your failure?” he rhetorically asked.


“Biden should resign immediately. Biden should have resigned yesterday, in fact, he should have resigned last week,” he said.

Bongino concluded: “Listen, that’s a serious message. I don’t take it lightly. If he doesn’t resign, Joe Biden should be impeached. I get what you are saying that we would be handing the country to Kamala Harris. Ladies and gentlemen, it can’t get any worse.”


Senate Democrats are planning to investigate the Biden administration’s “flawed” American withdrawal from Afghanistan.

The Senate Intelligence and Foreign Relations Committees — both chaired by Democrats — are planning to investigate the catastrophic withdrawal.

Since the Taliban began its takeover of Afghanistan, there has been a chorus of people attacking Joe Biden and his administration.


Florida Republican Sen. Rick Scott suggested using the 25th Amendment to remove Biden from the presidency.

Former White House physician and current Republican Rep. Ronny Jackson added his take.

“Remember when I said it was time to consider the 25th Amendment and the LIARS in the liberal press ATTACKED me? I wonder what they think now after Biden is very OBVIOUSLY mentally incapable of leading during a crisis. Something MUST be done!” he said.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has slammed Biden for his handling of the withdrawal of U.S. forces in Afghanistan, which have descended into chaos over the weekend as Taliban forces seized much of the country.

McCarthy is now calling for investigations into Biden’s handling of the crisis.


Republican Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene said she is drafting Articles of Impeachment against Biden as the debacle on his Afghanistan withdrawal of troops continues.

Kamala Harris is reportedly refusing to accept any responsibility.

A source reportedly said that Harris refused to be part of addressing the American people on Sunday after the terrorist group took over Kubal, the capital of Afghanistan.

A source said Harris screamed: “They will not pin this sh*t on me!”

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