‘Totally Made Up’: Trump Responds To Claim He Wanted To Start Third Party


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The mainstream media is still trying to go after Donald Trump with everything they can to smear him.

According to a new book from ABC News Chief Washington Correspondent Jonathan Karl, he alleges that Trump told Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel that he was starting a third party.

Karl alleges that the conversation allegedly took place on Jan 20th, which was Trump’s last day in office.


“In an angry conversation on his final day as president, Donald Trump told the chairwoman of the Republican National Committee he was leaving the GOP and creating his own political party — and that he didn’t care if the move would destroy the Republican Party, according to a new book by ABC News Chief Washington Correspondent Jonathan Karl,” ABC News reported.

“Donald Trump was in no mood for small talk or nostalgic goodbyes,” Karl writes. “He got right to the point. He told her he was leaving the Republican Party and would be creating his own political party. The president’s son, Donald Trump Jr., was also on the phone. The younger Trump had been relentlessly denigrating the RNC for being insufficiently loyal to Trump. In fact, at the January 6 rally before the Capitol Riot, the younger Trump all but declared that the old Republican Party didn’t exist anymore.”

“With just hours left in his presidency, Trump was telling the Republican Party chairwoman that he was leaving the party entirely. The description of this conversation and the discussions that followed come from two sources with direct knowledge of these events,” the report claimed.


“I’m done,” Trump told McDaniel. “I’m starting my own party.”

“You cannot do that,” McDaniel told Trump. “If you do, we will lose forever.”

“Exactly. You lose forever without me,” Trump responded. “I don’t care.”


Trump spokesperson Liz Harrington released a statement on Monday, where the 45th president said the story was “totally made up.”

For his part, Donald Trump has dropped several hints that he will be very involved in the 2022 midterm elections to help Republicans win back control of the U.S. House and Senate.

During an interview with Fox News, Trump said he aims to be “very involved” in the 2022 midterms and will “stay busy for good people.”


“A congressional seat in Ohio, where he had a tough primary and won by a lot after my endorsement,” Trump said, referring to Republican Mike Carey’s victory.

“We had Youngkin, and we had another one that was a very good victory,” Trump added, referring to the Virginia gubernatorial race that Republicans won.


“The borough president of Staten Island—that was the big one—I mean, a little different than federal, but the borough president. Vito Fossella won—he won the primary where he wasn’t scheduled to do it,” Trump said. “His opponent had every endorsement, but he didn’t have mine. Vito ended up winning.”

“It’s very interesting, because, I’ll support people that most people would say, why did you get involved there?” Trump said.

“I’ll not only be supportive,” Trump explained. “I’ll be very non-supportive of some people. So, you’ll see that there, and you’ll see that in other states too. I’ll stay busy for good people. Not for bad people.”

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