Wisconsin Election Review Ramps Up As Former Judge Will Subpoena Five Mayors


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An attorney who is heading an election review said earlier this week he was going to subpoena five Wisconsin mayors only days after he demanded records from city clerks and the top elections official for the state.

“Former state Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman told the Green Bay City Council at a meeting Tuesday night he had just subpoenaed Mayor Eric Genrich — only to learn from the mayor that the subpoena had not been served. Gableman promised it would be coming soon, as would ones for the mayors of Milwaukee, Madison, Racine and Kenosha,” the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported on Tuesday.

“So if it wasn’t served today, you can expect it shortly,” Gableman told the council.

Last year Gableman claimed that the election was stolen in the state, though he did not present any evidence to support his claims, the paper said. He is now issuing subpoenas in connection to a $676,000 investigation funded by taxpayers of the presidential election which Joe Biden won by less than 1 percent.


But, the paper added, “recounts and a string of court decisions upheld Biden’s victory over” then-President Donald Trump.

The Journal Sentinel added:

Gableman’s comments about new subpoenas came as election officials around the state are mulling how they could comply with ones he issued Friday that direct them to turn over “all documents contained in your files and/or in your custody, possession, or control pertaining to the Election.”


That comprises hundreds of thousands — if not millions — of pages of records for the state and its five largest cities. 

In a 30-minute-long, unscheduled question-and-answer session with the council, Gableman sketched out his plans for his review, telling members he wasn’t pursuing an “adversarial process.” 

“I happened to be in town for other meetings and I heard you were meeting and I thought I’d come and introduce myself,” he said.

The attorney said anyone who agreed to give him an interview would summarily be granted immunity from being prosecuted. He went on to say he didn’t believe he could meet a deadline imposed by Assembly Speaker Robin Vos to finish his election review by month’s end.


Gableman, who is drawing a fee of $11,000 per month, didn’t say when he believed his review would be complete.

“Gableman said he planned to look into advice the bipartisan state Elections Commission gave to clerks and donations the nonprofit Center for Tech and Civic Life gave to Wisconsin communities to help run the 2020 election. He called voting machines ‘an important area of inquiry’ but did not say whether he would try to seize them from election officials, as some Republicans have demanded,” the Journal Sentinel continued.

However, in an interview with the paper, Gablemen did not explain what interest he may have in voting machines.

“Voting machines is certainly a topic of interest expressed by a lot of people and I’ve already said that yes, I — at some point I will be reviewing the issue of voting on all issues,” he said.


Following a closed-door session, the Green Bay council announced that members agreed to accept free legal services from Law Forward, of Madison, and States United, of Washington, D.C., both of which are non-profit groups. In addition, the council will accept legal help from Stafford Rosenbaum, a law firm also based in Madison.

Gableman has also told eight other officials, at least, to provide him with information. And he stated in a YouTube video posted recently he planned to conduct his work in secret.

Wisconsin is one of the battleground states whose results were contested by the 2020 Trump campaign. But like dozens of other lawsuits filed following the election, none of the cases turned up any real evidence of widespread vote-rigging or fraud.

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