DHS Deputy Secretary Ken Cuccinelli: Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot ‘Turned 180 Degrees’ On Working With Trump

President Donald Trump is once again proving that he is the law and order candidate.

The president recently got into a verbal spat with Chicago Democratic Mayor Lori Lightfoot.

Trump said he was going to send in federal law enforcement to combat the historic violence in the city.

Lightfoot slammed the idea several times and said she was never going to allow it.

But now, the Department of Homeland Security’s deputy secretary said Lightfoot has reversed course after rioters and protesters swarmed her home.

Get this: Lightfoot called the police after saying she heard gunshots outside her home.

“The mayor who was saying, ‘Oh, no Trump, no federal officials, no,’ has turned 180 degrees. And you know why? Because we’re doing it cooperatively as President Trump has always offered to do,” Ken Cuccinelli, a senior official performing the duties of deputy secretary, told Fox News.

“He repeated it again today — his goal is to lower the violence. It’s to lower the carnage. It’s to bring safety to these communities,” Cuccinelli said.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot pointed out earlier this week that Trump was threatening to send in federal resources in cities with female mayors.

She was among 15 mayors who urged Trump not to send federal police into their cities, but after a phone call with Trump midweek, she was supportive.

Cuccinelli said Trump’s “tough” rhetoric was the result of wanting to help the country, not overstep elected leaders.

“He is tough, but he cares about the American people, and he cares about every community in this country. And that’s why he’s advancing federal officers and looking for partners, whether they’re his political allies or not,” said Cuccinelli. “Mayor Lightfoot in Chicago is surely not a Trump political ally, but he is willing to extend the olive branch and the support of federal resources to help them bring peace there.”

Last week, the Department of Justice announced the expansion of Operation Legend, a coordinated law enforcement effort in which federal officers work with state and local officials in places where violent crime has risen amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Attorney General William Barr approved the deployment of more than 100 federal agents from DOJ’s FBI, U.S.

Marshals Service, Drug Enforcement Administration, and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives to the streets of Chicago, where violent crime has increased in recent years.

Cities and communities across the country have been damaged and destroyed as some protests have turned into riots.

The protests and riots began in Minnesota after video emerged of a now-former Minneapolis police officer kneeling on George Floyd’s neck for more than eight minutes, leading to his apparent death.

Last week, three NYPD officers were violently attacked by “protesters” and left with serious injuries during a “Defund the Police” rally.

Chicago police even released a video that appears to show a peaceful protest being “hijacked by organized mobs.”