REPORT: Rioters Allegedly Barricaded DHS Officers in Portland Courthouse, Tried To Set it On Fire

President Donald Trump is once again proving that he is the law and order candidate.

The president has sent federal agents to quell the rioting and violence in Portland, Oregon — but it’s been hard when the liberal mayor and local officials are refusing to do anything about the riots and chaos.

Now, reports have surfaced that rioters in Portland barricaded Department of Homeland Security law enforcement officers inside a federal courthouse while attempting to set the building on fire.

The Washington Examiner reported:

“Last night violence was even more aggressive than previous nights as rioters once again tried to set fire to the federal courthouse and actively tried to breach the entrance of the courthouse,” a senior DHS official wrote in an email Thursday. “Rioters are also employing tactics that force federal officers to leave the Hatfield Federal Courthouse, setting them up to be attacked with lasers and projectiles.”

The attack on the Hatfield Federal Courthouse began after 10 p.m. local time after more than 1,000 people gathered downtown. Some became violent.

The attackers blocked the entrances to the courthouse, preventing the special DHS forces inside from easily getting out.

Some federal officers escaped and tried to repel those vandalizing the outside of the courthouse but were beamed in the eye by lasers, which can cause temporary and long-term blindness.

Other rioters then installed wooden boards on the outside of the courthouse entrance to prevent the rest of the DHS officials from leaving, while others tried to break down the doors.

DHS officials on the scene said a shopping cart full of bricks and baseball bats were left in front of the building.

Federal police indoors who were trying to peak outside were struck with lasers, preventing them from seeing what was going on outside.

“Around midnight rioters attempted to set the courthouse on fire, as they have done numerous times before,” the official stated. “They also threw smoke bombs into the flames causing the interior of the courthouse to fill with smoke. In response, a team of federal officers was forced to leave the building, taking one individual into custody. When they did, a rioter threw a bag filled with hard objects at officers.”

Rioters torched trash bags outside the courthouse and hurled two Molotov cocktails at the building. Others then barricaded the courthouse again using nearby fencing and roadblocks in front of the door while shooting commercial-grade fireworks at the building.

The attackers were unable to set the building on fire, though one DHS Federal Protective Service officer was injured after being struck by fireworks.

DHS said it arrested five people overnight.

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler joined a violent demonstration in his city Wednesday night, by his obvious political stunt backfired after “protesters” threw flaming bags of garbage at a federal courthouse.

He was also booed by the crowd before being tear-gassed by federal officers.

Last week, three NYPD officers were violently attacked by “protesters” and left with serious injuries during a “Defund the Police” rally.