Romney: Trump Tweets Are ‘Clearly Intended To Further Inflame Racial Tensions’

Written by Martin Walsh

Failed 2012 Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is going after President Donald Trump again.

The Utah Republican is now claiming that the president is deliberately fomenting racial unrest.

“The comments and tweets over the past few days, including a retweet of a 2019 video clearly intended to further inflame racial tensions, are simply jaw-dropping,” Romney said.

The video in question, which Trump retweeted, shows a Black man shoving a white woman into a New York subway train in 2019. The tweet falsely claims the assault was the work of “Black Lives Matter/Antifa,” The Hill reported.

Romney has been one of the president’s most frequent Republican critics in the Senate.

Romney was also one of the most vocal Republican critics of Trump’s commutation of associate Roger Stone’s prison sentence.

“Unprecedented, historic corruption: an American president commutes the sentence of a person convicted by a jury of lying to shield that very president,” Romney tweeted in July. He has also frequently pushed back on the president’s claims about mail-in voting, noting that Utah, like many other Western states, has long held elections entirely by mail.

“I don’t know of any evidence that voting by mail would increase voter fraud,” he said in August. “My biggest concern, frankly, with regards to voting fraud has been that there would be some kind of hacking of our voting electronic systems and that voting machines or tabulating equipment would be hacked.”

Romney is a vote that the Democrats can count on to go against Trump whenever they need him.

He did it when he voted for one of the Articles of Impeachment and he did it again last month when he voted against the president’s Federal Reserve nominee Judy Shelton.

Romney was the only Republican to vote with Democrats on this charge against the president.

Romney’s become so anti-Trump that one “conservative” outlet previously called on him to “run for president as an Independent.”

In a recent piece for The Bulwark, Neal Simon, a Maryland business executive and 2018 independent candidate for U.S. Senate, called on Romney to “run for president as an Independent.”

Simon argues that with Trump taking over the Republican Party and Sen. Bernie Sanders becoming the Democratic frontrunner and pushing the party to the extreme Left — he wants Romney to fill the void for “millions of independents and moderate Democrats and Republicans unrepresented.”

But Simon also seems to think that Romney could take a big chunk of voters away from Trump, thus harming his chances of winning re-election.

Simon wrote:

Senator Romney’s entrance into the presidential race wouldn’t just give the vital center of the electorate a home—it would stand a chance to break a system that is stacked against independents and third-party candidates. The last major third-party run was in 1992 when Ross Perot won 19 percent of the vote—and he accomplished this while running against two-party centrists, in Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush.

Against two polarizing fringe candidates with no claim to the middle of American politics, we have no idea what Romney’s ceiling might be. And as Emmanuel Macron showed in France, standing up a new party and winning a presidential election in one motion is not impossible.

But wait, it gets better.

Simon also wants Romney to select Michael Bloomberg to be his running mate.

What a joke.

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