DeSantis: If Biden Brings Illegal Immigrants to Florida, I Will Send Them to Delaware


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Florida GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis is once again showing leadership in a country that is going off the rails.

During an appearance on Fox News’s “Life, Liberty & Levin,” DeSantis told host Mark Levin that if Joe Biden attempts to send illegal aliens to Florida, he will send them to the president’s home state of Delaware.

“Not a chance. That’s why they do it at 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning. So, we had a circumstance in Florida where they brought in a flight of people that had come illegally across the border. One of the guys they brought into northeast Florida ended up murdering somebody in the community. So, obviously, he’s not securing the border, which is a problem, but then to farm out people into communities all across the country is imposing huge costs on Florida and other states,” DeSantis said.

“So what we have said is a number of things. One, we have sued Biden and we have a case in federal court. Two, I am asking money for the legislature so that if we do get wind of these flights — and we haven’t had flights in the last couple of months since this has become a big issue, but we do anticipate they will try again,” he continued


“We have money that if they drop in Jacksonville, let’s say, I’ll pay for buses and we will send them to Delaware and some of these other places, and then they’ll know that Florida is not a good place to do it. We will also impose some I guess restitution on the companies that are bringing them in with federal government, these are contractors, bus companies, whatever,” he said.

“We’ll charge them per head a restitution, because when you bring someone in, there is a whole host of costs that go along with that, education, healthcare, social services, unfortunately sometimes criminal justice. So we’ll be doing that and enacting that in a legislative session. We’ll also say to the companies, you can’t do business with the state of Florida or any local community if you are facilitating which is effectively a massive human smuggling operation. That’s what Biden is doing,” DeSantis added.

“The people that are coming across, most of them are not Mexicans. They are from all over the world. The signal has gone out, ‘Just get to that southern border and you are home free to get into the United States. Don’t apply normally, go through that way.’ So that is what you are seeing,” he said.


DeSantis declared: “And we had people there last summer helping Texas, and we were happy to do that, but the problem that we ran into is, if you captured someone who was coming illegally only, didn’t have drugs or anything else, you’d turn them over to the Feds, then the Feds would put them on a plane or a bus and send them all across the country. So that was not helping the cause, so now we’re in a situation where we’re looking to keep Biden’s policies out of Florida and impose some restitution on people who are helping to facilitate his policies.”


“You look at net migration since Covid, for example, the influx is going to red states, almost exclusively, Texas, Florida, Tennessee, you name it. The exodus from the Deep Blue states, California, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, and it’s like clockwork. And you see that over and over again. And I always tell people, I love the people that we have in Florida. We have a lot of great opportunities, I’m not begging for people to come into the state, we’re doing well. But people vote with their feet,” DeSantis said.

“And I think people are more sensitive than ever to the type of government that they would live under and the type of policies that they would live under because I think Covid really crystallized that because you find yourself in some parts of the country living under a governor who is just issuing these dictates, denying your freedom and your livelihood, job, education potentially. They realize, I think, how important it is to have a political culture and political leadership that respect and preserve freedom and their ability to live a good life,” he concluded.

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