Ron Johnson Says Biden China Deals Are ‘Enormous Blackmail’ Threat


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Wisconsin Republican Sen. Ron Johnson is once again sounding the alarm over big-time threats to U.S. national security posed by past business deals involving Biden family members and China, now that Beijing has been named by the intelligence community and the Pentagon as America’s biggest long-term threat.

Johnson, the former chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee who, along with GOP colleague Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa, has spent a great deal of time investigating Biden-China links, told the John Solomon Reports podcast Friday that one case, in particular, involving Chinese businessman Patrick Ho chi-Ping really underscores the “enormous blackmail” threat.

The Wisconsin Republican, who is also the ranking member of the powerful Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, said that Ho, 70, was tied to a business group that worked with Hunter Biden and business partners after Joe Biden was vice president.

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Ho has been convicted of violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act after he attempted to bribe ranking officials in Uganda and Chad. Court records also show he was the U.S. intelligence target of a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant, Just the News reported.

“This investment group, they were hoping to tap for initially $10 million. But these are individuals that had ties right into the Communist Party of China, within the People’s Liberation Army,” Johnson said.

“And Patrick Ho was an individual that apparently was subject to a FISA warrant, which means somebody somewhere is suspecting him being a counter-intelligence threat,” the Wisconsin senator continued.

“These are the individuals that Hunter Biden is associating himself with, trying to develop an investment firm with. In the end, when Patrick Ho was indicted, the first phone call he made was to James Biden –– I’ve heard that he was really trying to get ahold of Hunter,” Johnson noted further, citing evidence his investigators have seen.


“Hunter, in the end, got paid a million dollars to represent Patrick Ho, this individual that, again, the U.S. government issued a FISA warrant done because of the counterintelligence threat that he might have posed. So it just boggled my mind with what we revealed in our report,” Johnson said.

The GOP senator went on to talk about how hard it has been getting information from federal agencies, which he blamed for often shunting or thwarting investigation efforts by refusing to turn over evidence.

“But you know, for a while, it was like pulling teeth getting information out of these –– I’ll call them ‘Deep State’ agencies –– under President Trump,” Johnson recalled.


“I mean, President Trump, as much as he wanted this stuff made public and unclassified, still couldn’t get it done because they slow-walked our requests, ran out the clock, hoping that President Trump wouldn’t get elected, and unfortunately, he was not reelected,” Johnson added.

“So now we’ve got the Biden administration –– [Attorney General] Merrick Garland, [Director of National Intelligence] Avril Haines –– we’re writing the letters, we’ll make it public. Hopefully, public pressure will prompt them to at least provide us some information,” he said.

“And of course, we’re also looking at the Department of Justice, the district –– the U.S. Attorneys that are apparently investigating Hunter Biden, but again, I’m not holding their breath on that investigation, either.”

He was referring to a letter that he and Grassley sent to Garland and Haines in search of information regarding any ties Hunter Biden may still have to Chinese nationals.

Johnson told Solomon that Hunter’s ties could come back to haunt his now-president father in any foreign policy negotiations with Beijing.


“This is pretty obvious that this is a serious problem when it comes to counterintelligence threats, potential extortion, because now you’ve got President Biden dealing with Chinese. What all does the Communist Party of China have, in terms of information, that just might impact U.S. policy toward China if Joe Biden and Hunter Biden knows what they know, and want to make sure that they never reveal it publicly?” Johnson said.

“It just has enormous blackmail potential –– the type of thing the press was completely worried about with Donald Trump, it was all false. There were no connections, there was no blackmail that Russia could hold over President Trump’s head,” Johnson added.

“But here you’ve got obvious potential blackmail threats, counterintelligence threats, under the Biden administration, and the press doesn’t say a word, not a peep out of them. It’s amazing.”

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