GOP Sen. Marco Rubio Staffer Injured After Violent Attack For Wearing DeSantis Hat, Rubio Shirt


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Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio announced on Twitter on Monday that one of his campaign “canvassers” suffered serious injuries after being attacked while knocking on doors for the senator.

“Last night one of our canvassers wearing my T-shirt and a Desantis hat was brutally attacked by 4 animals who told him Republicans weren’t allowed in their neighborhood in #Hialeah #Florida. He suffered internal bleeding, a broken jaw & will need facial reconstructive surgery,” Rubio tweeted.

His tweet also included images of the canvasser on a stretcher, where he appeared to have very serious injuries and was covered in blood. Rubio said that the canvasser was wearing a hat supporting Florida GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis and a pro-Rubio t-shirt.


One of the top tweets in response to Rubio’s post came from a self-described Democrat: “I am so sorry this happened! I’m a Democrat, but we should never voice our opposition with violence.”

Meanwhile, others defended Democrats, saying they were “not the party of violence.”

Rubio went viral last week during a viral interview on CNN. Below is a transcript of his exchange with CNN’s Dana Bash:


BASH: “Senator, you wrote a letter Friday to the Senate appropriations committee asking for disaster relief dollars for desperately needed resources to rebuild Florida communities. After Hurricane Sandy hit northeastern states in 2012, you voted no on the $50 billion relief package. I know you supported a smaller version. Why should other senators vote for relief for your state when you didn’t vote for a package to help theirs?”

RUBIO: “Oh, I’ve always voted for hurricane and disaster relief. I’ve even voted for it without pay-fors. In sandy, they included a roof for a museum in Washington, D.C., for fisheries in Alaska. It had been loaded up with things that had nothing to do with disaster relief. I would never put out there that we should use a disaster relief package for Florida as a way to pay for other things people want around the country. I think that’s the key. In sandy, unfortunately, they loaded it up with a punch of things that had nothing to do with sandy. I voted for every disaster relief package, especially one that’s clean. And I’ll continue to do so. When it comes to Florida, we’ll do that again and make sure the package is clean and doesn’t have stuff for other people in there.”

BASH: I read the congressional research report. The roof was damaged – in any event, my question is about the future. Are you telling me that if Hurricane Ian relief contains anything that smells like pork, you’ll vote no?

RUBIO: Sure. I’ll fight against it having pork in it. That’s the key. We shouldn’t have that in there. It undermines the ability to come back and do this in the future. Here is what happens and people need to understand this, it’s possible to do it without loading it with these other things. Otherwise, you’ll have people in the Senate and the house that will vote against disaster relief because they view these disaster relief bills as ways for other people to get their pork and pet projects done. It undermines the ability to go back and do it again in the future. I have consistently voted for disaster relief for all parts of this country I’ve never even insisted on it being paid for.


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