Pence, Pelosi Share ‘Elbow Bump’ Following Biden’s Certification Vote


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Vice President Mike Pence and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi concluded a chaotic joint session of Congress with an elbow bump in the predawn hours of Thursday.

The friendly gesture, apparently instigated by Pelosi, came after the House and Senate certified President-elect Joe Biden’s Electoral College win.

The two also had a brief conversation following the certification and they appeared to thank each other.


The certification, which is a formality in most election years, was poised to be delayed by objections from some Republican lawmakers to the results in a handful of battleground states.

However, after Congress began the process Wednesday, a large group of people breached the Capitol building, forcing some to shelter in place and others to be evacuated.


When Capitol police finally removed the rioters, Congress went back into session to continue the certification process. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and other lawmakers vowed they would not be “intimidated” by the rioters.

After objections to the results in Arizona and Pennsylvania were debated and defeated, Congress certified Biden’s win around 4 a.m. ET Thursday.


Freshman Missouri Democrat Rep. Cori Bush is blaming violence at the U.S. Capitol on Republicans and saying she will introduce a resolution for the “expulsion” of Republicans who pledged to object to the results of the Electoral College in an attempt to overturn the results of the 2020 Presidential Election.

Bush’s resolution follows the breach of the U.S. Capitol building Wednesday afternoon by a mob who opposed the certification of the Electoral College results.

“I believe the Republican members of Congress who have incited this domestic terror attack through their attempts to overturn the election must face consequences,” Bush wrote on Twitter. “They have broken their sacred Oath of Office.”

“I will be introducing a resolution calling for their expulsion,” she added.


Democrats and Republicans called on the president to condemn the rioters and tell them to leave the Capitol building.

Members of Congress released an official statement: “Those who performed these reprehensible acts cannot be called protesters – no, these were rioters and insurrectionists, goons and thugs, domestic terrorists. They do not represent America. They were a few thousand violent extremists who tried to take over the Capitol building and attack our democracy. They must and should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law – hopefully by this administration, if not certainly by the next. They should be provided no leniency.”

“Democracy’s roots in this nation are deep, they are strong. They will not be undone ever by a group of thugs. Democracy will triumph, as it has for centuries. So, to my fellow Americans who are shocked and appalled by the images on their televisions today and who are worried about the future of this country, let me speak to you directly: The divisions in our country clearly run deep, but we are a resilient, forward-looking and optimistic people, and we will begin the hard work of repairing this nation tonight because here in America we do hard things. In America, we always overcome our challenges,” the statement concluded.

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