Sales of Trump’s First Post-Presidency Book Soar Past $1M in 24 Hours


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Sales of President Donald Trump’s first post-Oval Office book have skyrocketed, sailing past $1 million in the first 24 hours it went on sale.

“His new publisher, Winning Team, said that the sales of Our Journey Together crossed $1 million in the first 24 hours after Secrets revealed the new Trump project. They also said over 9,000 hardcover copies have been preordered,” the Washington Examiner’s Paul Bedard reported Sunday.

Noted the publishing house’s president, Sergio Gor, in an interview with the outlet: “We have seen such an incredible response to President Donald Trump’s newest book. Selling a million dollars’ worth of books in 24 hours is just extraordinary.”

Gor, who launched the publisher with Donald Trump Jr., said that the tremendous numbers in dollars and sales come before any real promotion of the book has begun.

“These sales all occurred before we started promoting the work on radio or television,” he said.

The Examiner’s Bedard continued:


The sales should have the New York publishing world kicking itself after vowing to ignore the Trump administration in a “cancel culture” effort to prohibit the former president and his team from publishing books.

Trump has begun to promote the project, described as a coffee table book of 300 photographs and the former president’s handwritten comments on each. It is due to be released Dec. 7.

His debut interview on the book was on Fox’s Life, Liberty and LevinHost Mark Levin featured the book for his show Sunday. In a clip of the interview already released, Trump said he did the book to highlight his “amazing four years” in office and condemn President Joe Biden’s “embarrassing and humiliating” start.

Trump spoke to Bedard earlier to describe elements of the book.

Our Journey Together features unforgettable moments from our time in Washington: building the southern border wall; cutting America’s taxes; confirming almost 300 federal judges and three Supreme Court justices; rebuilding our military; creating Space Force; dealing with Kim Jong-Un, President Xi, President Putin, and many other world leaders; and battling liberals on two impeachment witch hunts, just to name a few,” he said.

“These proud accomplishments stand in stark contrast to the destruction of our country taking place right now,” Trump added.

Virtually all ‘mainstream’ media outlets and social media sites cut ties with the former president following the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol Building, which they claim Trump instigated.

But Trump has also announced his own social media venture, Truth Social, which is set for launch sometime early next year.


During an interview in February on Newsmax TV in which he first discussed the then-recent passing of friend and talk radio legend Rush Limbaugh, Trump dropped hints about a new social site.

“They wanted me very much on Parler, you know they had a phony report that the man who was in there didn’t, I mean just the opposite, they really wanted me on Parler,” Trump said.

“If you look at what’s going on with Twitter, I understand it’s become very boring, and millions of people are leaving, they’re leaving it because it’s not the same, and I can understand that,” he added.

He also put out a statement honoring Limbaugh:

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“The great Rush Limbaugh has passed away to a better place, free from physical pain and hostility,” wrote President Trump. “His honor, courage, strength, and loyalty will never be replaced.

“Rush was a patriot, a defender of liberty, and someone who believed in all of the greatness our Country stands for,” President Trump added. “Rush was a friend to myself and millions of Americans – a guiding light with the ability to see the truth and paint vivid pictures over the airwaves.

“Melania and I express our deepest condolences to his wonderful wife, Kathryn, his family, and all of his dedicated fans. He will be missed greatly,” Trump said then.