BIDEN SURRENDERED: Trump Savages Biden Over Weakness Towards Taliban


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Amid Joe Biden’s disastrous withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan, which is now apparently being dictated by the Taliban, which is dictating America’s total pullout from the country by August 31, Donald Trump wrote a scathing reminder that Biden “surrendered Afghanistan to the terrorists.” 

In a statement on Tuesday, the former president and critic of the Biden administration savaged the Commander-in-Chief for his inability to get a grasp of the situation, which is swiftly unfolding as the evacuation effort continues. 

“Biden surrendered Afghanistan to the terrorists and left thousands of Americans for dead by pulling out the Military before our citizens,” stated Trump in the damning statement. 


“Now we are learning that out of the 26,000 people who have been evacuated, only 4,000 are Americans,” added Trump. “You can be sure the Taliban, who are now in complete control, didn’t allow the best and brightest to board these evacuation flights.”

“Instead, we can only imagine how many thousands of terrorists have been airlifted out of  Afghanistan and into neighborhoods around the world,” he continued. “What a terrible failure. NO VETTING. How many terrorists will Joe Biden bring to America? We don’t know!”

Trump’s remarks come amid reports that the US Department of Homeland Security and the State Department is admitting an untold number of unvetted Afghan refugees into the United States. 

Breitbart reports that Biden’s pro-migration deputies are importing many unvetted Afghans into the homeland, and the arrivals will likely receive work permits and citizenship, according to former officials are the Department of Homeland security. 

Reuters first reported on August 23 that the inflow of unvetted Afghans was acknowledged by a State Department official:

Today the first onward flight of SIV [Special Immigrant Visa] applicants took off from Germany to the United States, and we expect those to continue to ramp up,” the official added, in reference to the Special Immigrant Visa, designed for people who worked with the U.S. military. 

As detailed by the Department of Defense on social media, Major General Hank Taylor said that “Intelligence, law enforcement, and counterterrorism professionals are conducting screening and security vetting for all SIV applicants and other vulnerable Afghans before they are allowed into the U.S.”

However, he did not say that the vetting would be completed before the migrants are allowed to step on American soil. 

President Biden’s office tweeted a claim on August 23 that “Once screened and cleared, we will welcome Afghans who helped us in the war effort to their new home in the United States of America.”

However, the tweet did not state that officials would only welcome Afghans after completing their vetting. 

According to Ken Cuccinelli, the former Attorney General of Virginia, and a senior official at the Department of Homeland Security, the ability for US troops in Kabul to vet Afghans who claimed to have worked alongside them or worked on US projects is difficult to validate. 


“It is brutally difficult to get that done with any reliability … It is impossible when you no longer have a presence in the area,” said Cuccinelli, per Breitbart. “If [the vetting] is going to happen, it has to happen in these third countries before they get to the United States.” 

“It is not clear that we’re going to be able to vet those people before a decision is made whether to bring them over or not, and that kicks over to the question of how much risk are we willing to absorb in those decisions where we don’t have the ability to prove key elements like confirming identity?” he said.

Cuccinelli remarked that migrants are being treated by progressives as if “they’re the stupid people barely able to stay alive,” who are in reality, he said, “are quite smart. Just like most other people.”

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