Schiff Demands DOJ Investigate Donald Trump’s Actions After The 2020 Election


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House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff is still calling for Donald Trump to be investigated.

During an interview on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” the California Democrat urged the Justice Department to investigate Trump for allegedly violating federal laws after the 2020 presidential election.

Partial transcript as follows:

BRENNAN: Before I let you go, I want to ask about the January six committee. There was a development this week, a court filing claiming there is now evidence that President Trump broke the law in his efforts to overturn the election in 2020. Do you think that the attorney general is moving fast enough with his enforcement?

SCHIFF: What we made clear in our filing to the court is we believe there’s a good faith basis to conclude that the former president and his campaign may have violated any number of federal laws, including obstructing an official proceeding, the joint session, and defrauding the American people. And I do think that the Justice Department ought to be looking at these issues and ought to be investigating in particular just to give one very graphic example the former president on the phone with the secretary of state in Georgia demanding that he find 11,780 votes that didn’t exist, but the precise number he would need to overtake President Biden. I think if anyone else had engaged in that conversation, they would be under investigation and it should be no different for the former president. So I think the department is diligently pursuing those who attack the Capitol that day. But there were multiple lines of effort to overturn the election that may have violated the law, which also should be investigated.



Schiff is being slammed by GOP lawmakers who have called him out for his continuous false claims regarding Donald Trump and so-called “Russian collusion.”

In an interview with Fox Business, host Elizabeth MacDonald asked North Carolina GOP Rep. Dan Bishop about the unverified and salacious anti-Trump dossier.

“Democrat Adam Schiff saying that even though there are many discredited claims in the debunked Steele dossier, that the [Department of Justice Inspector General] and multiple experts have said this is totally false, he’s still thinking parts of it are trust trustworthy and going after Trump,” said MacDonald.

“Adam Schiff is misleading again,” said MacDonald. “The Steele dossier did not play a limited role. The DOJ inspector general noted the FBI used the Steele dossier as a basis to get FISA wiretaps – meant for terrorists – to go after the Trump campaign. There goes Adam Schiff misleading again.”


Bishop added: “Adam Schiff is the Jussie Smollett of Congress. He just hasn’t had his trial yet.”

Last month, Fox News host Mark Levin called for Schiff to be disbarred after it was revealed that his staff played a role in doctoring text messages.

During an interview on Fox, Levin spoke about reports that Schiff and his staff on the Democrat-led January 6 Commission admitted to doctoring text messages between GOP Rep. Jim Jordan and former White House Chief of Staff mark Meadows.

“When it comes to Adam Schiff doctoring evidence, Adam Schiff is a lawyer and has a license in the state of California and maybe other places,” Levin began.


“Rather than us just whining about this reprobate and unethical hack, let’s do something about it. Lawyers are not free to doctor evidence particularly when they are doctoring evidence for the purpose of putting people in prison,” he added.

“That’s exactly what Adam Schiff did. It’s time that people file a serious ethics complaint. Enough is enough. I’d ask the Republicans in Congress, but any citizen can do it – with the ethics arm of the Supreme Court of California and seek the license of Adam Schiff,” he said.

“This guy is unethical,” Levin said. “He doesn’t deserve to be a member of the bar – he is worse than a slip-and-fall lawyer, he’s a slip-and-fall congressman.”

Specifically, the committee admitted to doctoring a text between Jordan, one of Trump’s most ardent supporters, and then-Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows.

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