Adam Schiff Eyeing Possible U.S. Senate Seat


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California Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff may be planning to leave the House and run for the U.S. Senate, but he likely won’t be the only one running for the seat.

A new report from The Guardian notes that California Democrat Rep. Katie Porter announced last week that she will be running for longtime Democrat Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s seat as rumors swirl that Feinstein may not run for re-election in 2024.

“After months of shadow campaigning and whispered political leveraging, earlier this month, Katie Porter – the whiteboard-wielding progressive congresswoman – became the first to officially declare her candidacy. Barbara Lee, the old-school leftist with an ardent antiwar record, has reportedly told colleagues she is running. Adam Schiff, an icon of the anti-Trump liberal resistance, has reportedly begun prepping for a run. Silicon Valley congressman Ro Khanna is expected to jump in as well,” The Guardian reported.

“In California’s open primary system, it’s possible, and likely, that two Democrats will face off in the 2024 Senate race. Until then, voters may need to brace for what is sure to be a protracted, pricey two years of campaigning. And we’re likely to see an avalanche of candidates to come, said Wendy Schiller, a political science professor at Brown University. Porter’s early announcement drew criticism for coming not only before Feinstein had announced her retirement but also amid a spate of severe storms in California. Following Porter’s announcement, Schiff pointedly used his campaign fundraising list to raise money for flood victims,” the report added.


A report from Politico earlier this month noted that Schiff is also among the slate of Democrats eyeing the Senate seat.

“Schiff, who first said he was eyeing the Senate after passing on a House leadership bid in November, has been making calls for weeks and said he would consider running if Feinstein does not run. Porter has now started making her own calls about a run, though she has not discussed a specific timeline entering the race,” Politico reported.

During an appearance last month on KTTA’s “The Issue Is,” host Elex Michaelson asked Schiff about campaigning for a spot in the U.S. Senate.

“It is widely expected that California Senator Dianne Feinstein, who is 89, will retire at the end of her term. You have expressed interest in that job. Is there any reason you would not run for Senate?” the host asked.

“Well, I’m not usually asked the question in that form. You know, look, I am getting a lot of encouragement to run for the Senate from people in California and colleagues here in Congress. If Senator Feinstein retires, then I will give it very serious consideration. You know, at this point, I think we’re waiting to see what Senator Feinstein has to say about her plans, but yes, it is something I’m giving serious consideration to,” Schiff responded.


In her announcement video, Porter announced her intention to campaign for the Senate seat held by Feinstein, who is predicted by many to be retiring.

“California needs a warrior in the Senate—to stand up to special interests, fight the dangerous imbalance in our economy, and hold so-called leaders like Mitch McConnell accountable for rigging our democracy. Today, I’m proud to announce my candidacy for the U.S. Senate in 2024,” she said in a tweet with her announcement video.

“We’re living through a time of extraordinary change. I’m Katie Porter. Change can be electrifying and exhilarating, but change can also be disruptive — like the constant assault on our democracy and the dangerous imbalance in our economy,” she said in the video.

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“The threat from so-called leaders like Mitch McConnell has to often made the United States Senate the place where rights get revoked, special interests get rewarded, and our democracy gets rigged, especially in times like these,” she said.

“I don’t do Congress the way others often do,” she added. “I use whatever power I have to speak hard truths to the powers that be.”