Secret Service Issues Major Statement After Trump Conviction


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The Secret Service has responded to the conviction of former President Donald Trump in Manhattan.

The agency said that the 34 felony count convictions would have “no bearing” on it doing its job in protecting him.

“Today’s outcome has no bearing on the manner in which the United States Secret Service carries out its protective mission. Our security measures will proceed unchanged,” the agency said.

“For all settings around the world, we study locations and develop comprehensive and layered protective models that incorporate state of the art technology, protective intelligence and advanced security tactics to safeguard our protectees,” Secret Service’s chief of communications Anthony Guglielmi stated before the verdict was handed down on Thursday.

“The judge could sentence him to anything between zero and the max,” defense attorney Dan Horwitz, who formerly was a prosecutor for the Manhattan District Attorney’s office, said to CBS News. “So he could sentence him to a period of months in jail, he could sentence him to a period of weeks in jail, he could sentence him to a sentence where he is required, for example, to go to jail every weekend for a period of time and then serve the rest of the sentence on probation.”


Norm Eisen, an attorney and former diplomat who has made no secret of his disdain for the former president, said in his analysis only around 10 percent of such cases end with the convicted person serving time behind bars but that the judge should not consider that when sentencing.

“Trump could also be sentenced to home detention, where he would wear an ankle bracelet and be monitored rather than going to jail. Horwitz suggested that a home detention sentence, which walks a middle ground between no punishment and a stint in state prison, might be the most likely outcome. It would also satisfy Trump’s unusual security and political situation,” CBS News said.

“A home detention sentence would also make it possible for Trump to continue campaigning — albeit virtually — with the ability to hold news conferences and remain active on social media. Throughout the trial, Justice Juan Merchan stressed the importance of allowing Trump the ability to campaign and exercise his First Amendment rights as he seeks another term in the White House. But it’s just part of the equation that the judge must weigh in his decision,” the outlet added.

Horowitz said that the fact that the former president continues to claim that he is innocent and attacks the judge and the court could weigh against him in sentencing.


“Courts will credit a defendant who pleads guilty by accepting responsibility for their conduct, as opposed to not accepting responsibility going into trial and getting convicted,” he said as he explained that “the sentence after a trial because you didn’t accept responsibility is more stringent than it would have otherwise been.”

An attorney for former President Donald Trump has detailed what they plan to do after the guilty verdicts in Manhattan.

Todd Blanche appeared on Fox News on Friday and spoke to host Jesse Watters as he explained the options the former president has to appeal the 34 felony convictions.


“Do you believe that Donald Trump’s constitutional rights were violated?” the host said.

The attorney said yes and spoke about the gag order that prevented his client that showed the connections between the judge and the Democrat Party.

“That affects not only President Trump, that affects every voter, whether they’re going to vote for President Trump or against President Trump. That affects every single voter in this country because they don’t get to hear from the candidate,” he said. “We very much disagree with that order. We appealed that as well.”

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