Trump Jr.: American People See ‘They’ve Been in a Rigged Game’


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Donald Trump Jr. said the American people are waking up to what is going on in the country under President Joe Biden.

During an interview on Fox News, Trump Jr. spoke about the “Disinformation Governance Board” being created under the Biden administration and the left-wing slant of Big Tech and mainstream media.

Trump Jr. said the American people are aware of the fact that they’ve been in a “rigged game.”

He said “these people are living in a bubble. They are not looking for a level playing field, Maria. They are looking for an advantage.”


They act “as if they don’t have enough advantages already. They control the mainstream media, a trillion-dollar enterprise. They have basically all of Big Tech, another trillion-dollar enterprise.”

Trump Jr. also said Democrats held influence in “social media,” but even with all the advantages, they’re failing to motivate their base.

“The American people are awake to it,” Trump Jr. said. “They are starting to see what is real. They saw it happen to the algorithms the second the Musk-thing was announced. They saw the engagement that they’re getting on social and they realize they’ve been in a rigged game.”

During an interview on Fox News last week, Trump Jr. told host Dan Bongino that Democrats want to “subjugate the American citizenship.”


Below is a transcript of the exchange:

Bongino: “Feels like a new world order to me, folks. Again, we are out of conspiracy theories again. Please submit new ones, all the old ones are coming true. Joining me now is the executive vice president of the Trump Organization, Donald Trump Jr.. Don, thanks for joining us. You know, Don, whatever this — I don’t know what he was talking about, this new world order stuff and this great reset, but one thing you and I both know, Don, censorship is definitely a part of it. It’s disgusting. Your father has been thrown off these platforms, and yet, Iranian mullahs and the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs can just tweet away.”

Trump JR.: “Oh yeah, the world’s greatest terrorists can still have a platform on social media, but the president of the United States can’t. It’s really sick. And what’s going on as it relates to all of this is really an affront to American values, Dan. That’s what they want to do. If everything that they disagree with and they don’t want you talking about, they try to shame you into submission. Those are the ones they call conspiracy theories. But you nailed it. Each one of these things — I said a couple of weeks ago on Fox, the difference between a conspiracy theory and the truth tends to be about six months. Now that time frame is getting shorter and shorter. You heard it with masks. A little cloth mask is going to stop the spread. How did that work out? Not so great. The Wuhan lab leak theory. If you even questioned it, you were a propagandist, you were a heretic, you were out of science even though it was obviously the most logical question. You see it now with the Ukrainian biolabs. That took about a week from going to be a conspiracy theory to being actually real. Now you have Hunter Biden ties to it and the laptop that was Russian disinformation, and if you don’t think that it’s Russian disinformation, you are a conspiracy theorist. They all come true in the end. And Dan, all it is is an attack on American freedom. They want to subjugate American citizenship. They want one global order of leaders that they choose amongst themselves. I don’t know how Biden could possibly fit in that group given that the guy can’t make it through his sentence, but they are trying to control everyone who does not conform to their desires, and it’s really disgusting.”



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