Senate Unanimously Votes Against Defunding The Police


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The U.S. Senate has unanimously approved an amendment to its proposed budget that opposed defunding the police.

Alabama Republican Sen. Tommy Tuberville introduced an amendment as part of the Senate’s “vote-a-rama,” where they had a marathon session during consideration of Democrats’ $3.5 trillion budget.

Members were allowed to offer unlimited amendments during the session.


Tuberville introduced a bill to get Democrats on record about whether they do or don’t support “defunding the police.”

The amendment passed 99-0, which means that Democrat Senators are on record voting that they are against “defunding the police.”

This likely won’t play well with progressives and the more radical wing of their party.

“My amendment is pretty simple,” Tuberville said on the Senate floor. “If your city council wants to defund their police, don’t expect the federal government to make up the difference.”

On the Senate floor, Tuberville said: “Believe it or not, people back home actually listen to what we say up here. To some local leaders across the country, the far-Left rally cry of ‘Defund the Police’ is not just DC rhetoric. They’re acting on it.”

“More than 80 percent of law enforcement in America is conducted by state and local police departments. 80 percent. These men and women are community heroes. We should invest in all of them. But local leaders across the country have decided the woke thing to do is cancel their city’s police force,” he continued.

“My amendment is pretty simple. If your city council wants to defund their police, don’t expect the federal government to make up the difference. The American taxpayers in Alabama [shouldn’t] have to pick up the tab for the local leaders in Oregon and Minnesota who value the woke ‘Defund the Police’ movement over their own community’s safety,” Tuberville added.

The GOP Senator concluded: “I call on my colleagues to support our law enforcement by voting yes for this amendment. Opposing my amendment is a vote in support of Defunding the Police and against our men and women in blue.”

As crime skyrockets across urban centers in the United States, billionaire activist George Soros is funneling his wealth into the “defund the police” movement, a cause that many Democrats supported as a political move at the height of the riots last summer.

According to records filed with the Federal Election Commission, George Soros provided $1 million in funding to the Color of Change PAC, a “defund the police” group, on May 14.


The group created an online petition calling on would-be supporters to “Invest in Black communities. Defund the police.”

The contribution from Soros, who remains one of the Democratic establishment’s most prolific donors, could further undermine the party’s efforts to distance itself from the “defund the police” movement, which has seen a drop in popularity following the rise in crime nationwide.

Oddly enough, the Biden White House, through White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, has accused Republicans of being responsible for defunding the police.

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