Wisconsin State Senator Jennifer Shilling, Minority Leader, Retires

The election in November will have major consequences not only for the presidency and Congress but also for which political party has power in individual states.

Months before the election, the top Democrat in the Wisconsin State Senate is resigning before her term in even up.

Democrat state Senator Jennifer Shilling announced back in April that she would not be seeking re-election and would be giving up her post as the Minority Leader.

Now, barely a month later, Shilling is leaving before her term ends.

But why? Where is she going? What “other” job will she take?

Well, she won’t exactly tell anyone.

“Current state law requires lawmakers and other public officials to resign their seat early if a potential employment opportunity could present a conflict of interest with state government activities,” Shilling wrote in a press release announcing her resignation.

She did not identify the position she was going to take.

“The Driftless Region is full of the kindest, most caring, and hardest working people you’ll ever meet. I’m humbled by the fact that residents in western Wisconsin have repeatedly put their faith in me to be their voice and advocate for our shared values. I will never forget the people I’ve met and the relationships I’ve developed over the years. After almost 20 years in the Legislature, the time is right for me to close this chapter and take on new challenges. To everyone I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside, interacting with, and learning from, thank you from a very full and grateful heart!” Shilling wrote in her statement.

Shilling was not a barely known lawmaker, either.

She has been in the Wisconsin state Senate since 2011 and spent the previous 10 years in the Wisconsin State Assembly.

She is a far-left lawmaker who served more than 20 years in Wisconsin’s state government and played a huge role in crafting policy as the Minority Leader, a position she was in since 2014.

Her resignation is also important because Republicans are vying to pick-up more seats in this election.

Wisconsin’s 33-member body is made up of 19 Republicans and 14 Democrats.

That’s a slim advantage for Republicans, and they would love nothing more than to win Shilling’s seat if they can.

“Republican Senator Tom Tiffany won a special election for a seat in the United States House of Representatives on Tuesday and Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald is running for an open U.S. House seat,” Urban Milwaukee reported.

As we inch closer to November’s election, President Donald Trump just received some very good news that could determine the outcome — if it holds.

A brand new Gallup poll shows the president’s overall approval rating has bounced back up to 49 percent, which is its highest ever.

Independents approved of Trump’s job performance at a rate of 47 percent, which is the highest ever in a Gallup poll.

Republicans strongly approved of Trump’s job performance at 93 percent, while only eight percent of Democrats approved.

The poll also found that 50 percent of Americans approved of Trump’s handling of the coronavirus outbreak, while 48 percent disapproved.