State Senator’s Wife Collapses During Presidential Announcement


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Republican Rollan Roberts II, a West Virginia state senator who was announcing a longshot bid for the presidency, hesitated as his wife collapsed during his speech.

It happened on Jan. 20 as he was announcing his bid for the presidency at the West Virginia State Capitol, The New York Post reported.

Footage showed an aide standing nearby trying to stop her from falling, but she dropped to the floor along with an American flag. Meanwhile, the candidate glanced over at his sprawled wife – and did nothing as several people walk over to her. After what seemed like an interminable five seconds, Roberts finally heads to her side. Not surprisingly, he has been mocked mercilessly on social media for his feeble response to his wife in her moment of distress.

“You probably missed this but another Republican announced he was running for President while his pregnant wife literally passed out in the background,” Santiago Mayer, executor director of Voters Tomorrow, said.

“Rollan Roberts II announces he is running for president this week, when his five-months pregnant wife passes out. She was fine, and Roberts was obviously highly concerned. Hell of a start to Rollan Roberts 2024!” one Twitter user said.


“Rollan Roberts II announces his White House bid as pregnant wife collapses beside him at WV State Capitol. It’s unreal to me the amount of time that passes between him realizing she collapsed and when he begins to casually walk to her,” another said.

“Pro-tip: if you’re announcing that you’ll be running for president of those United States and your wife faints during the announcement, you look like a psycho if, like Rollan Roberts II, you’re the fifth person to move to help her. Shortest presidential campaign in history,” another Twitter user said.

“This guy is a real gem. She passes out 7 1/2 minutes into his speech, they cut to her sitting in a chair drinking water, the other guy is fixing the flag while Rolland drones on and on. Rolland is a Liberty University Alum,” another said.


“This is his 2nd wife pregnant w/ a son that will be named after him & he has 2 daughters 17 & 21 from a previous marriage. After seeing this not a chance in hell that I would ever vote for him for anything,” another person said.

“If that’s as much concern as he has for his pregnant wife, think how little concern he’d have for constituents. Or any other citizen,” another Twitter use said.

“Dang, he just stood there while others went to check on her…only after the 4th person is moving towards her does he go to his wife. He appears annoyed and uncaring..which tells a lot about his character,” another said.

“Presidential Candidate Rollan Roberts, and his wife, Rebecca, are grateful for the outpouring of concern over her health during the pregnancy of their first son, Rollan III (R3). Her medical team had examined her prior to the press conference and was closely monitoring the situation as it happened. Rollan Roberts’ first priority is to his wife and family. Running for President was a family decision, and her health, pregnancy, and birth of their first child was a major consideration. Rebecca Roberts says this about the criticism,” his campaign said.

“The unjust criticism and outrage at my husband’s response time is infuriating. I was standing behind him, and given the movement all around us throughout the announcement, there was no way for him to see what was happening. If people would watch the full video, they’ll see him move towards me within seconds once he saw what was happening, and that he is the one that helped me up, stopped the press conference, and spent minutes with the medical team to see if we would even continue. One of the things I love about my husband is how well he takes care of me and puts me first. He is a steady and stable leader that responds, not reacts. He does not panic under pressure, and the whole world now gets to see what kind of man and husband I’m blessed to have,” his wife said.

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