FBI Whistleblowers Reveal ‘Serious Abuses,’ House Report Finds


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House Judiciary Committee Republicans have released a whistleblower report showing “serious abuse” and misallocations of resources by the FBI.

One whistleblower told House Republicans the FBI has “let itself become an envelope of politicization and weaponization” and accused the bureau of becoming “rotted at its core.”

“It is clear from these disclosures, and especially in the wake of Special Counsel John Durham’s report, that the FBI has become politically weaponized,” the report said.

“Among other findings, the report reveals the ways that the FBI sought to inflate domestic terrorism figures, particularly in regards to Jan. 6 cases. According to the report, the FBI Washington Field Office (WFO) pressured its Boston office to investigate 140 individuals in connection to Jan. 6,” The Epoch Times reported.

“This fits with past allegations claiming that the FBI has sought to inflate the number of domestic violence extremism incidents (DVEs). President Joe Biden and Democrats have long claimed that home-grown terrorism is the greatest threat to American national security, and Republicans claim that the inflation of DVEs is to serve this narrative.

In the report, Republicans wrote: “FBI leadership pressured agents to reclassify cases as [DVEs], and even manufactured DVE cases where they may not otherwise exist.”


The Republican report also alleged that the whistleblowers who came forward “described retaliatory conduct that they have faced after making protected disclosures.”

The FBI released a statement to the Epoch Times denying that it retaliated against the whistleblowers.

“The FBI’s mission is to uphold the Constitution and protect the American people,” the FBI spokesperson said. “The FBI has not and will not retaliate against individuals who make protected whistleblower disclosures.”

President Joe Biden is also dealing with investigations into his family from House Republicans.

A top House investigator believes that President Joe Biden likely used his position as vice president in the Obama White House to set up family members as highly paid business consultants overseas.

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer told the Washington Times that former President Obama may have been aware that then-VP Biden was using his position to rack up big money for his family.

“Mr. Biden’s years as vice president took him to China, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, and other countries, including Mexico. In each of the places he traveled, Mr. Biden’s son Hunter, brother James and a small group of associates pursued lucrative business deals. The unusual sequence of payments for those foreign deals, which ended up in the bank accounts of nine Biden family members, have been exposed in the thousands of bank records,” the Washington Times reported.


“Everywhere where there are odd payments, the president spent time toward the end of his vice presidency. I think there are more companies, more banks, and more Bidens” involved in the foreign business deals, Comer said.

Last week, Comer hinted to Great America Show host Lou Dobbs that Obama was aware of the Biden family’s questionable international business deals that have been the focus of a years-long federal probe.

“I believe, Lou, that it’s because he knew what Joe Biden was doing the last year of his vice presidency,” Comer said.

“He knew his son (Hunter Biden) was no good, and he knew this was nothing but a political liability not just for our country, not just for the democrat party, but for Obama’s legacy,” the Kentucky Republican added.


Comer also raised the possibility that Obama’s awareness of the family’s business dealings might have influenced his hesitation to fully endorse Biden’s presidential campaign in 2020.

“So, I think that’s why Obama didn’t want Joe Biden to run for president. I think they knew about this,” Comer said, referencing the Biden family’s dealings. “And remember, a lot of these coverups would have happened during the Obama administration with Obama appointees in these deep state bureaucracies.”

He also suggested that Obama be questioned under oath about what he may have known back then.

“This would be a great question for Obama: Were you aware of what was going on with Joe Biden with respect to foreign policy and some of these ragtag countries around the world?” Comer told Dobbs.

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