Hillary Clinton Attacked By Liberals After ‘Systemic Racism’ Tweet

Former 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton got viciously attacked by members of her own party on the issue of racism.

The former Secretary of State got into the 2020 presidential campaign when she tweeted the need to dismantle systemic racism, the same thing Democrats preach every four years around election time, and it did not work with liberals.

“Against a backdrop of a pandemic that has disproportionately ravaged communities of color, we are being painfully reminded right now that we are long overdue for honest reckoning and meaningful action to dismantle systemic racism,” she said on Twitter.

She must have expected to score some “woke” points with the liberal crowd, but it did not work the way she wanted it to.

After she sent the tweet on Saturday the hashtag #STFUHillary, which stands for “Shut the f**k up,” began to trend on Twitter.

People remembered, and reminded her of, her role in racism and her “bring them to heel” speech in 1996 in New Hampshire where she supported the 1994 crime bill.

“They are not just gangs of kids anymore. They are often the kinds of kids that are called ‘superpredators.’ No conscience, no empathy. We can talk about why they ended up that way, but first we have to bring them to heel,’” she said in the speech.

Then, in 2018, she spoke with Kara Swisher, host of the show Recode Decode, where the host confused former Attorney General Eric Holder and Sen. Cory Booker.

The host asked about Holder’s comment “when [Republicans] go low, we kick them,” and attributed the quote to Sen. Booker.

Clinton’s quip back to the host smacked of an underlying racism for black people saying “they all look alike.”

“Well, that was Eric Holder,” the former senator from New York said. “Yeah, I know they all look alike.”

The comment was met with laughter and applause from the crowd, but not the host who said “No, they don’t.”

That is the reason many on twitter attacked the former first lady for even talking about systemic racism.

“We all know why #STFUHillary is trending. Every interview Hillary blames & plays the victim. Hillary is responsible for Trump, her rancid cult of liberals are responsible for Trump. Her fake activist is nauseating People have had enough of her,” one user said.

“Obama said it best in ’08 she’s a lifelong politician responsible for all the problems she talks about solving. She’s been there for decades, she hasn’t,” another said

“Trump was literally selected by Hillary’s campaign to be her opponent, then she colluded with the media to make it happen. This isn’t a conspiracy theory, it’s well documented as the “Pied Piper” plan. Hillary is why we have Trump. 1000 times over #STFUHillar,” another Twitter user said.

“Hilary colluding with CNN and MSNBC, as well as the DNC itself, to cheat Bernie and elevate Trump is literally why Trump is President. #STFUHillary and #stfuobama too! Obama saw Bernie win 2 of 3 primaries, on a path to win, and coaxed the others to suspend to focus on Biden,” another said.

She should avoid talking about politics as it appears the majority of Democrats have moved past her.