SHOCK Poll: Biden’s Support Among Blacks Drops More Than 30 Points


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A new survey produced some shocking results for President Joe Biden: Blacks appear to be abandoning him in droves.

Historically a solid Democratic Party constituency, black support for Biden has tanked more than 30 points since he took office.

Per the Washington Examiner:


The new Marquette University Law School survey found a 32% cratering of black support for Biden, who now enjoys just a 56% approval rating among African Americans, among the worst ever for a modern Democratic president.

By comparison, the same survey less than a year ago found his support among black people at 88%.

The drop was so noticeable that the school mentioned it in their headline on the survey, which put Biden’s overall approval rate from American adults at 46%, among his best of recent surveys.

“Since July 2021, Biden job approval among whites has gone from 50% to 40%. Among Blacks, it has gone from 88% to 56%. Among Hispanics, it’s gone from 56% to 51%.
@pollsandvotes points to the decline among Blacks as particularly striking. #mulawpoll,” the college noted in tweet.

“No rebound in decline in black support,” noted the survey headline.


In the college’s January survey, 57 percent of blacks approved of Biden, while 41 percent didn’t. Now the numbers are worse: 56 percent approve and 43 percent do not.

“The trend in approval by race and ethnicity since July shows a very substantial decline in approval among black adults, with smaller but consistent declines among white and Hispanic respondents,” according to the analysis.

Black support for Democrats has been key to their victories, but that support has begun to erode, as then-President Donald Trump actually cut into it in 2020 — and the trend appears to be continuing.

“The Republican president gained six percentage points among black men, and five percentage points among Hispanic women. It means some voters changed their minds, after either not voting or voting for another candidate in 2016,” the BBC reported in November 2020, a few weeks after his reported loss to then-President-elect Joe Biden.

“I was definitely more liberal growing up – my grandmother was big in the civil rights movement here in Texas during the 60s, and I grew up with that ideology,” said Mateo Mokarzel, at the time a graduate student at the University of Houston and who is of mixed heritage, Mexican and Lebanese.


While Mokarzel did not vote in 2016, he cast ballots for Republicans, including Trump, in 2020.

“The first time Trump ran I really wasn’t convinced. I just thought, here’s this celebrity talk-show host guy that wants to run for president, I didn’t take him seriously – so I was not a Trump supporter the first time he ran. To be honest, I thought he was a ringer for Hillary, so I just wasn’t interested,” he told the BBC.


“He really delivered on his anti-globalization policy,” he continued. “Neoliberal expansion has really hurt both Mexico and the US, and when you have family that live there, and you can see how it’s hurt people living, their jobs, their wages, it really has increased the narco-war, and this is one of the things Trump came in saying – ‘hey, we’re going to tear apart these trade deals’ – and then he actually did it. That was for me the first sign that he actually meant some of the things he was saying.”

His wife, Lily, a first-generation Mexican-American, also voted for Trump.

“The way I’ve been seeing him attacked, the lies,” she told the BBC. “I never used to vote, because I never felt my vote counted… And I feel like, since Trump has been in office our lives have improved.”

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