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‘Security Guard’ Who Shot Conservative Rally Goer Had No License For Job

More information has come to light about the security guard who shot and killed a conservative protester during a “Patriot Muster” rally.

The security guard, Matthew Doloff, who was hired by 9 News and who shot the unidentified protester was not licensed to be a security guard, CBS Denver reported.

“Denver Dept of Excise and Licenses confirms ‘there is no record for an active licensed security guard now or ever for an individual named Matthew Doloff or Dolloff. If he was operating as a security guard, he was in violation of the law,” Andrea Flores said on Twitter.

“Security guards are prohibited from carrying or using a firearm without getting an armed firearm endorsement for their license. All security guards in Denver are required to get a federal background check before they receive their license,” Eric Escudero, a Denver Department of Excise and Licenses spokesman, said to CBS Denver.

Escudero also shared Denver is one of three cities in Colorado where security guards are required to have a license to operate, and there is requirement to have a license in the state.

Security guards are also required to go through training which includes training on use of force.

Doloff had his first advisement hearing Sunday morning. The judge declared the arrest affidavit will be sealed, and the defendant will be held on first degree murder charges without bond.

The media likes to talk about background checks but if they did a simple background check on Doloff they would have found that he had no license.

“A private security guard, hired by 9NEWS, is being held as a suspect in the deadly shooting. A 9NEWS producer has been released after DPD said it was determined they were not involved in the incident,” 9News said on Twitter, admitting that it was their security guard who killed the man.

Some on Twitter said that Doloff was also a former Occupy Wall Street activist and a registered Democrat, though this is unconfirmed.

“Matthew Dolloff (DOB 03-07-1990) is being held for Investigation of First Degree Murder in connection w/the shooting that occurred yesterday at 10 W. 14th Ave. This remains an active investigation; any additional updates will be released as it becomes available,” the Denver Police Department said on Twitter.

Doloff appeared, in photos, to be getting sprayed with some time of pepper spray when he fired his weapon. Attorney Chris Decker, who spoke to FOX31, said that the shooting could possibly be justified if Doloff claims self defense.

“There are no clear and absolute bright lines with the doctrine of self-defense,” the attorney said. “No one can really tell until or unless that were charged and a jury would determine the reasonableness of the circumstances.”

The law in Colorado says that lethal force can be used if the person defending themselves believes that lesser force would not be enough to protect them.

“That pepper spray may cause great bodily injury, could blind you,” he said.

But now that it is known that Doloff was not licensed as a security guard the claim of self defense may not be enough to get him free from a murder charge.