‘What The Hell’s Going On Here?’: Carlson Slams Ted Cruz For Calling Jan. 6 a ‘Terrorist Attack’


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Fox News host Tucker Carlson slammed Texas GOP Sen. Ted Cruz for describing the incident at the U.S. Capitol on January 6 as a “violent terrorist attack.”

During his opening monologue, Carlson slammed the idea that it was an “insurrection” and went after Republicans, including Cruz, for pushing Democratic talking points.

“They are posting photos and taking them off the website including the most wanted. Remember Epps? He was on the FBI website. Now he is gone. Hasn’t been charged with anything. Why is that? No one in Congress seems to care even conservative Republican senators. What are they busy doing? Repeating the talking points that Merrick Garland wrote for them,” Carlson began.


“Here’s one example. ‘We are approaching a solemn anniversary this week. Anniversary of violent terrorists on the Capitol. We saw the men and women of law enforcement demonstrate incredible courage and bravery, risk their lives to defend the men and women who serve in this capitol,'” Carlson said, reading comments from Attorney General Merrick Garland.

“Everyone who is conservative appreciates Ted Cruz. He is smart. Maybe the most articulate person in Congress. He doesn’t use a single word by accident. He is a lawyer. He described January 6th as a violent terrorist attack. It was not. It was not an insurrection. Was it a riot? Yes. Why are you telling us it was, Ted Cruz?” Carlson asked.

“Why are none of your Republican friends saying anything? What is the hell is going on here you? Are making me think maybe the Republican Party is as worthless as we suspected it. That can’t be true. Reassure us, Ted Cruz,” he added.


Ohio Republican Rep. Jim Jordan says the Democrats committee investigating the incident at the U.S. Capitol on January 6 is a “complete assault on Americans’ liberty.”


Jordan, who has called for an investigation into House Speaker Nancy Pelosi over her role that day, went off when discussing the committee approving a criminal contempt report to hold Steve Bannon in contempt of Congress.

“There’s been subpoenas issued to 11 individuals, 11 American citizens who asked the government permission on an application to hold the Trump rally,” Jordan said. “The government granted it and now the January 6 committee petitions them to ask them questions about exercising their First Amendment right to assemble.”

“This is scary where they want to go and what they’re doing to Americans’ constitutional rights. And finally, I would ask the fundamental question, how would you expect witnesses to participate when you wouldn’t let Republicans participate in the committee? How can you do that? We know what this is about, it’s plain and simple, this is about they’ve got nothing else to talk about.”

Back in July, Jordan called for an investigation into House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.


New York Republican Rep. Elise Stefanik also called for “radical authoritarian” Pelosi to be fired after the latest stunt from Democrats.

Pelosi rejected the appointments of Republican Reps. Jim Jordan and Jim Banks to the January 6 Commission.


Soon after Pelosi rejected Jordan and Banks, Stefanik tore into Pelosi.

“Nancy Pelosi is a radical authoritarian Speaker. The Pelosi partisan January 6 commission was never about investigating the facts, it was only ever about Pelosi’s radical politics and the Left’s endless obsession with crushing any discussion or debate. What is Nancy Pelosi so afraid of?” Stefanik said.

“She is afraid of the American people finding out the truth that her failed leadership and the gross mismanagement of the U.S. Capitol led to the tragic events that day. It is time to Fire Pelosi once and for all. I have no doubt that after the next November, Nancy Pelosi will never, ever hold the Speaker’s gavel again. She will make history as the most despised Speaker of the House who will be fired not once, but twice. And it can’t come soon enough,” she added.

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