Speaker Johnson Speaks About 2024 Election


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According to a report by Fox News, House Speaker Mike Johnson has expressed his desire to continue to lead the GOP and the chamber after the 2024 election. He also promised an “aggressive 100 days” if Republicans were to gain control of both Congress and the White House.

During an interview at the House Republicans’ annual member retreat at the Greenbrier Resort in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia, Johnson hinted that he would like to retain his position as the top leader of the conference, regardless of whether the House majority is maintained or not.

“I have not given a lot of thought about the next Congress because I’m so busy with my responsibilities right now. My intention is to stay as Speaker and stay in leadership because we’re laying a lot of important groundwork right now for the big work that we’ll be doing,” Johnson said.

“But each day has enough concern of its own right now. And I’ve got – we’ve got a very full, very busy agenda right now. And that’s where my focus is.”


He also provided Fox News Digital with a glimpse of his priorities for Congress in 2025, expressing optimism that the GOP would enter the new year having secured the House majority, as well as winning control of the Senate and White House.

“We would absolutely turn our attention to securing the border and ending the catastrophe that the Biden administration has created. Obviously, we would continue to address the China threat and increase our stature on the world stage. That’s what the White House would be focused on, and we would give assistance in the House in every way possible,” he said.

Johnson also identified strengthening U.S. defense capabilities, tax reform, and investigating the weaponization of the federal government as additional priorities. He also emphasized the need for legislative progress on artificial intelligence, Fox News added.

“We’d have a very aggressive first 100 days of the Congress agenda, and we’re kind of excited about that prospect,” Johnson said.


Fox noted further:

Johnson’s comments to Fox News Digital come a day after he was asked at a press conference about whether he’d have the House GOP Conference change its rules on how difficult it is to kick out a speaker.

Johnson, who was optimistic that the GOP could retain and expand its razor-thin House majority in November, suggested the next Congress would also likely see a change to its motion to vacate rules – the guidelines by which a speaker is ousted from power.

“The motion to vacate is something that comes up a lot amongst members in discussion, and I expect there will probably be a change to that as well. But just so you know, I’ve never advocated for that. I’m not one who’s making it an issue, because I don’t think it is one for now,” he said Wednesday.

Johnson tore into President Joe Biden last week for being an “embarrassment” after the president seemingly apologized to Laken Riley’s accused killer instead of to the slain student’s family.

“The president is cowering to his base and showing deference to a man who deserves none. This man is an illegal immigrant who brutally murdered Laken Riley. President Biden should be apologizing to Laken’s family. What an embarrassment,” Johnson wrote on X on Sunday, responding to Biden’s interview with MSNBC’s Jonathan Capehart that aired March 9.

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