State Dept. Retweets Post From Former GOP Lawmaker Who Is Vehemently Anti-Trump


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An official Twitter account for the U.S. Department of State was inappropriately utilized to promote a former GOP representative who is vehemently opposed to former President Donald Trump.

An official with the diplomatic agency told the Washington Free Beacon on Friday that the State Department’s Bureau of Arms Control, Verification, and Compliance (AVC) retweeted a post last week by Joe Walsh, “a one-time Republican firebrand who is now known for his fierce opposition to” Trump, the outlet reported.

Walsh’s tweet pertained to the recall of a trio of San Francisco school board members who prioritized far-left policies and measures in the name of racial justice as well as their unwavering support for stiff, enduring COVID-19 restrictions in the city’s public schools.

“Democrats, please pay attention to what happened in San Francisco yesterday,” Walsh wrote in a tweet that was boosted by the State Department’s AVC bureau.

Walsh, a former GOP presidential contender who only served a single term in the House as a representative from Illinois (2011-2013), appeared to be warning Democrats their support for ongoing pandemic school closures and other draconian measures are likely to cost them politically during this fall’s midterm elections, though it’s not clear why the Republican would be trying to assist the opposition party.


The Free Beacon noted:

The AVC bureau’s retweet of this message raised eyebrows among congressional observers who questioned why a federal agency focused on arms control would wade into such a fraught political debate.

Asked about the matter, a State Department spokesman told the Free Beacon that the AVC account was used by an unauthorized individual and that the retweet was later deleted once officials realized what had happened.

“There was an unauthorized use of an official State Department Twitter account. When alerted, the managers of the account deleted the unauthorized retweet and changed the password,” the official said.

A congressional source who spoke to the outlet after seeing the retweet was shocked.


“There’s a rumor circulating around Foggy Bottom that Secretary Blinken is considering changing the name of the ‘AVC’ Bureau to ‘DNC,’” said the source, in a reference to the Democratic National Committee.

San Fran parents launched the recall initiative as a way of pushing back against the board members’ prioritization of issues they deemed unimportant to the primary job of educating their children.

According to Fox News:

Critics, including San Francisco Mayor London Breed, argued the members — school board President Gabriela López, Vice President Faauuga Moliga and Commissioner Alison Collins — pushed progressive politics rather than act in the best interest of children during the pandemic, and voters agreed, according to the San Francisco Department of Elections.


“The voters of this city have delivered a clear message that the school board must focus on the essentials of delivering a well-run school system above all else,” Breed said in a statement after the vote. “San Francisco is a city that believes in the value of big ideas, but those ideas must be built on the foundation of a government that does the essentials well.”

Breed, who as mayor is now responsible for naming three new board members before regulation elections are held in November, also praised parents, saying they “were fighting for what matters most — their children.”

According to the network, the board members were focused on things like renaming 44 schools that had been named for several U.S. historical figures (like Paul Revere and Abraham Lincoln) while being slow to reopen schools that they closed during the pandemic.

“The city of San Francisco has risen up and said this is not acceptable to put our kids last,” Siva Raj, a parent who helped launch the recall effort, said, according to Fox News. “Talk is not going to educate our children, it’s action. It’s not about symbolic action, it’s not about changing the name on a school, it is about helping kids inside the school building read and learn math.”

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