Ronny Jackson Roasts Ocasio-Cortez On Possible Gas Stove Ban


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Former White House doctor and current Republican Rep. Ronny Jackson got into a heated exchange with New York Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez over the news that a federal agency may look to ban gas stoves.

US Consumer Product Safety Commissioner Richard Trumka Jr. was interviewed by Bloomberg News where he said that gas stove usage is a “hidden hazard,” Bloomberg News reported.

“Any option is on the table. Products that can’t be made safe can be banned,” he said as the agency has planned to “to take action” to address indoor pollution that is supposedly caused by stoves.

“We need to be talking about regulating gas stoves, whether it’s drastically reducing emissions or banning gas stoves entirely,” he said. And he said that a ban “is a powerful tool in our toolbox and it’s a real possibility here, particularly because there seem to be readily available alternatives already in the market.”

Jackson posted to Twitter declaring that he would never give up his gas stove.

“I’ll NEVER give up my gas stove. If the maniacs in the White House come for my stove, they can pry it from my cold dead hands. COME AND TAKE IT!!” he said.

That tweet prompted a response from Rep. Ocasio-Cortez.

“Did you know that ongoing exposure to NO2 from gas stoves is linked to reduced cognitive performance,” she said.


“If that’s the case, the FIRST place they should ban gas stoves is at the White House! Biden can’t afford to lose ANY more of his cognitive abilities – he needs all the help he can get!!” Rep. Jackson said.

On Wednesday Rep. Jackson shared a photo from video that Rep. Ocasio-Cortez made that showed a gas stove.

“.@aoc says gas stoves cause ‘reduced cognitive performance’ – yet she uses a gas stove? Is this a self diagnosis? AOC, as a medical doctor, I can tell you this: what’s wrong with your head IS NOT caused by stoves. Something WAY BIGGER is causing your decreased cognitive function!” he said.

And Rep. Jackson was not the only representative or elected official to respond to the possible ban.

“My guiding duty is protecting consumer health and safety. Gas stoves can emit dangerous level of toxic chemicals – even when not in use – and @USCPSC will consider all approaches to regulation,” Trumka said on Twitter, prompting a response from Rep. Gary Palmer.

“Over 40 million American households use gas stoves. This type of power should never have been given to unelected bureaucrats and it is time for it to end,” he said.

“Thanks for your interest! To be clear, CPSC isn’t coming for anyone’s gas stoves. Regulations apply to new products. For Americans who CHOOSE to switch from gas to electric, there is support available – Congress passed the Inflation Reduction Act which includes a $840 rebate,” Trumka responded.

“As I said yesterday, unelected bureaucrats should not have the type of power to even consider such an action. It is time to rein in the Biden administration and their continual desire to control American’s lives and decisions,” the representative said.

Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin also hit back at the possible ban.


“This is a recipe for disaster. The federal government has no business telling American families how to cook their dinner. I can tell you the last thing that would ever leave my house is the gas stove that we cook on,” the senator said.

“.@JoeBiden, get your hands off our gas stoves!!!! If you know ANYTHING about cooking, there is nothing like cooking on a gas stove. Democrats want to ban gas stoves. Republicans want to LEAVE YOU ALONE,” Rep. Byron Donalds said.

People also showed photos of first lady Jill Biden cooking on a gas stove.

“Hey @Antoni, what are you cooking tonight?” she said on Twitter in September 2020, to Canadian chef Antoni Porowski.

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“Rules for thee but not for me,” Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz said.

“Can’t wait to see the headlines when Feds raid Jill Biden’s private home to confiscate her criminal gas stove,” Kenny Webster said.