DOJ Announces Strike Forces To Go After Gun Trafficking

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Democrats have claimed again and again that they are not coming for your guns. But that is going to be questioned after the Department Of Justice’s most recent announcement.

As criminality and gun crimes soar nationwide, particularly in cities headed by Democrats, the Department Of Justice has announced that it will deploy five strike forces across the nation to stop the supply of illegal guns getting into key areas nationwide, CBS News reported.

Attorney General Merrick Garland and Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco will unveil the five cross-jurisdictional strike forces during a visit to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF). Later on Thursday, Garland will travel to Chicago, one of the strike force cities.

The five key regions are: New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay area and Sacramento Region, and Washington, D.C.

Led by U.S. attorneys in each of the areas, the prosecutors will work with ATF and state and local law enforcement to identify patterns, leads, and possible suspects in violent gun crimes.

The ATF is also going to embed strike force agents in with more than 45 local homicide units.

“All too often, guns found at crime scenes come from hundreds or even thousands of miles away. We are redoubling our efforts as ATF works with law enforcement to track the movement of illegal firearms used in violent crimes,” Attorney General Garland said. “These strike forces enable sustained coordination across multiple jurisdictions to help disrupt the worst gun trafficking corridors.”

The initiative was first announced in June and is an effort to stop the illegal gun trafficking network.

“Working with our local partners to tackle violent crime is one of the Justice Department’s most important responsibilities,” the attorney general said. “Today, the department is taking another concrete step to address violent crime and illegal firearms trafficking. Our firearms trafficking strike forces will investigate and disrupt the networks that channel crime guns into our communities with tragic consequences. This effort reflects our shared commitment to keep communities safe.”

At a press conference with Joe Biden in June, Garland talked about the initiatives the administration is taking.

“We know that an effective violent crime reduction strategy must also address the illegal trafficking of firearms and focus on keeping guns out of the wrong hands. And so the Department is delivering on the promises we made here at the White House in April,” Attorney General Garland said.

“On May 7th, we issued a proposed rule to help address the proliferation of ghost guns. On June 7th, we issued a proposed rule to clarify that pistols equipped with certain stabilizing braces are subject to the same statutory restrictions as easily concealable, short-barreled rifles. And on the same day, the Department published model Extreme Risk Protection Order legislation for states to consider as they craft their own laws to reduce gun violence,” he said.

“We are now taking further steps. First, we will hold gun dealers that break the rules accountable for their actions. Most federally licensed firearms dealers operate legally in selling guns to individuals who have passed background checks. But those dealers that willfully violate the law increase the risk that guns will fall into the wrong hands.

“Absent extraordinary circumstances, ATF will initiate proceedings to revoke the licenses of dealers that willfully violate the law by failing to conduct required background checks, falsifying records, failing to respond to trace requests, refusing to permit ATF to conduct inspections, or transferring firearms to persons who are prohibited from owning them,” the attorney general said.

“Second, we are seeking funding to increase ATF’s dealer inspection capacity and improve its effectiveness. ATF has very limited inspection resources. The President’s Fiscal 2022 Budget requests resources to add inspection positions in every field division. The effectiveness of the enforcement program depends on the ability to identify and focus on those dealers that pose the greatest risk to public safety,” he said.

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