Supreme Court Justice LEAVES – Dems Make Their Move

There’s a lot of buzz surrounding the U.S. Supreme Court lately.

Conservatives currently control a 5-4 majority on the nation’s highest court, and now there’s serious speculation that at least 2 liberal Justices may retire in the near future.

Democrats are freaking out that President Donald Trump could add more conservatives to the Court given two of the most liberal Justices — Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Stephen Breyer — could step down soon because they are “aging” and have “serious health issues.”

But that’s not what people are talking about this week.

Longtime Justice Robert Thomas announced this week that he will retire from the Illinois Supreme Court.

“It has been a great honor and privilege to have served on the Illinois Supreme Court as well as on the appellate and circuit courts over the past 32 years,” Thomas said in a statement. “While I will miss the collegial atmosphere with my colleagues on the court, I am ready to return to the practice of law and help clients achieve justice.”

Thomas is Republican, so Democrats will be gunning for a liberal to take over the vacancy. 

Justice Lloyd Karmeier in a statement called Thomas’ retirement “a great loss” for the court and the people Illinois.

“Members of the bar will remember him for his clear thinking, insightful analysis, and forceful writing,” Karmeier said. “Those of us who served with him will miss him for his good humor, collegiality, and intellectual thinking.”

The Supreme Court has appointed Appellate Justice Michael Burke to fill Thomas’ seat effective March 1, through Dec. 5, 2022.

This tragic announcement came on the same day that President Donald Trump hinted at his next possible nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court.

The odds are that Trump is going to appoint at least one more Supreme Court Justice, especially if he wins again in 2020.

And the odds favor it being the spot currently held by Ginsburg.

Now, the president is considering Jay Sekulow, one of his personal attorney’s at the Senate impeachment trial, to fill the next vacancy.

Having him as the next justice of the Supreme Court would infuriate them and make for fantastic television during the confirmation hearings.

“He’s certainly qualified,” former Trump attorney John Dowd said. “He’d be a terrific Supreme Court justice.”

“The president listens to him and Jay speaks the truth to power and the president appreciates it, even when he disagrees with him,” he said. “That’s what I observed.”