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Two State Supreme Courts Rule In Favor Of Democrats

The Democrats have taken another step in their attempt to steal the presidential election in two key swing states.

On Thursday the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, in a case brought by Democrats, ruled that the Green Party has to be removed from the state’s voter ballots. That came after Wisconsin made the same ruling, The Washington Post reported.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court on Thursday blocked the Green Party presidential ticket from state ballots, allowing state and local election officials to resume preparations for Nov. 3 and mail voting.

The court ruled that presidential contender Howie Hawkins and his running mate, Angela Walker, did not qualify for the ballot because the party did not submit signed filing papers in person, as required by state rules.

It was the second such ruling in a week. On Monday, the Wisconsin Supreme Court found deficiencies in the Green Party’s ballot petition in that state, excluding the party from the ballot.

This is the same Democrat Party that says that President Donald Trump and Republicans are a danger to democracy.

“[T]he procedures for nominating a candidate for office by nomination papers were not strictly followed,” the Pennsylvania court said in a 5 – 2 ruling, Courthouse News reported.

The court ruled that the Party’s candidate in the state for president, Elizabeth Faye Scroggin “failed to comply with the Election Code’s strict mandate that she append an original affidavit to her nomination paper, and the party’s use of Hawkins’ affidavit while presenting a nomination paper in which he was not ‘named therein’ did not suffice to cure that error,” it said. “That defect was fatal to Scroggin’s nomination and, therefore, to Hawkins’ substitution.”

The Party’s state co-chairman, Alan Smith, was furious with the court’s decision.

“All the hard work we did, being forced to petition during a pandemic, risking our lives and the lives of others, over 30 volunteers painstakingly reviewing our petitions line by line, thousands of dollars spent in lawyers fees, and the courts still manage to kick two of our candidates off the ballot — one of them a queer, working-class, Black woman,” he said. “The extensive bureaucratic processes to run for office or even get on the ballot are designed to keep everyday people disempowered and discouraged.”

“As it stands now there is no integrity to our elections,” he said. “They are fraudulent.”

This is important because, in 2016, President Donald Trump won the state with 48.2 percent of the vote as Hillary Clinton had 47.5 percent of the vote.

The Green Party candidate for president in 2016, Jill Stein, had .8 percent of the vote and, if all of the Stein votes were given to Clinton that would have given her the state, and The New York Times showed.

In Wisconsin President Trump won with 47.2 percent of the vote, Clinton had 46.5 percent and Stein had 1 percent, again enough to change the election.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court, in a 4 – 3 decision, said that “the petitioners delayed in seeking relief in a situation with very short deadlines and that under the circumstances, including the fact that the 2020 fall general election has essentially begun, it is too late to grant petitioners any form of relief that would be feasible and that would not cause confusion and undue damage to both the Wisconsin electors who want to vote and the other candidates in all of the various races on the general election ballot,” The Lake Geneva General News reported.

If you do not believe that Democrats intend to steal this election these two court cases should give you reason to take another look.