Survey: Abortion Not Nearly Issue That Democrats Need It To Be


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The White House and Democrats have based the next election on getting women to vote for them on this issue of abortion, but that plan appears to not be working.

A report shared last week by The Swing State Project which was conducted by the Republican polling firm, Cook Political Report and Democrat polling firm GS Strategy Group showed that the economy is far ahead of abortion in the minds of voters, Breitbart News reported.

“Right now, this election is about President Biden’s economic record and America’s economic future,” GS Strategies President Greg Strimple said. “When it comes to who voters trust to move the economy forward, Trump is in the driver’s seat.”

The survey showed that abortion is still an issue but “Biden’s advantage on the issue isn’t strong enough to offset Trump’s overall strength on bringing down the cost of living.”

“Voters clearly recognize the huge steps backward a Trump presidency might bring – they are pessimistic about what he could do to abortion rights, progress on climate change, and even failing to protect Medicare and Social Security,” BSG partner Lindsay Vermeyen said. “And yet, their economic frustrations are enough to override all that.”


A whopping 55 percent of those surveyed said they were more concerned with President Joe Biden setting economic policies than they are with former President Donald Trump setting abortion policies.

And 53 percent of battleground state voters are more concerned with President Biden setting immigration policies than they are with former President Trump setting abortion policies.

“In other words, these voters aren’t naive about the risks to reproductive access, but many view rising costs as an overriding concern,” the survey said.

“The degree to which the cost of living is the biggest pain point for voters today cannot be overstated,” Patrick Toomey, a BSG Partner, said.

The survey showed that 62 percent favored the way former President Trump handled the economy.

“More ominously for Biden, 78 percent think it’s likely inflation will continue to be an issue during a second Biden term, and only 40 percent think he would be able to bring down the cost of goods,” the survey said. “Voters are much more optimistic about Trump’s ability to bring down prices, with 56 percent saying that they think that Trump will be able to get the cost of living under control if he were elected to a second term.”


They survey showed that the former president is ahead of the president in every swing state other than Wisconsin.

“Trump’s leads in North Carolina (+7) and Nevada (+9) are the most robust. His leads in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan and Pennsylvania are much narrower, between one and three points. In 2020, Biden won every one of these states except North Carolina,” it said.

Another survey found that former President Donald Trump is maintaining his lead in most of the critical swing states heading into the summer months of his campaign ahead of his likely GOP nomination during the Republican Party’s July convention in Milwaukee.

A Bloomberg News/Morning Consult poll of registered voters, conducted from May 7th to 13th, found that Trump holds a four-point lead over Biden across all swing states. The former president leads by five points in Arizona, seven points in North Carolina, three points in Georgia, two points in Pennsylvania, and one point in Wisconsin.

Trump and Biden are tied in Nevada, while Biden holds a narrow one-point lead over Trump in Michigan. The poll of 4,962 registered swing state voters has a margin of error of one point. Although Trump leads in most swing states, the race has tightened since last month, when he had stronger advantages, particularly in Wisconsin and Georgia, the Daily Wire noted.

The survey also revealed a relatively pessimistic outlook on the economy, with 55 percent of respondents stating that the economy in their state is headed in the wrong direction, compared to 45 percent who believe it is moving in the right direction.

The poll findings come as Trump and the Republican National Committee outpaced Biden and the Democratic National Committee in fundraising last month. That marked a reversal of the trend seen in March, when Biden and the Democrats outraised Trump and the Republicans.

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