Tapper Calls Out Ossoff For Saying Loeffler Campaigned With A Klansman, ‘That’s Not True!’

Written by Carmine Sabia

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The Georgia Senate campaign is in the home stretch with Democrats Jon Ossoff and Rev. Rafael Warnock facing Sens. Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue respectively, and telling the truth is not at the top of the list for some.

Namely Ossoff who, last week, accused Sen. Loeffler of campaigning with a Klansman, a lie that was so egregious that he was taken to task for it by CNN “Stet of The Union” anchor Jake Tapper.

“You said that ‘Kelly Loeffler has been campaigning with a Klansman,’ that’s not true. I mean it is true that a former member of the Klan took a photo with Senator Loeffler at a campaign event. Her campaign says she didn’t know who he was at the time and she has condemned him,” Tapper said.

“I’m sure you have taken photos with thousands of strangers,” Tapper said. “Isn’t it important for candidates to tell the truth?”

But Ossoff did mental gymnastics to get around the fact that he lied to Georgia voters, and the world, when he said that Sen. Loeffler campaigned with a Klansman.

It is,” he said. “And it’s even more distressing that this isn’t an isolated incident.

“Kelly Loeffler has repeatedly posed for photographs and been seen campaigning alongside radical white supremacists and I believe they are drawn to her campaign because her campaign has consisted almost entirely of racist attacks on the Black Lives Matter movement and on the black church,” he said, offering no evidence that what he was is saying has any basis in truth.

“The fact that these elements continue to be drawn to her, to support her, to campaign alongside her, to appear in photos next to her is deeply distressing.

“And it’s happening at the same time that Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue and Georgia Republicans are mounting a vicious assault on voting rights in Georgia. Lawsuit after lawsuit to disenfranchise black voters, purge the rolls, remove ballot drop boxes,” he said.

“And I believe one of the reasons that we are seeing such record shattering turnout in Georgia right now is that Georgians are defying those efforts to rip away their voting rights and standing up and saying ‘we’re gonna make pour voices heard,’” he said, never addressing the fact that he lied.

Before moving on to the next topic Tapper again said “Alright but just to be clear, she wasn’t campaigning with a Klansman. That wasn’t true, what you said.”

“Kelly Loeffler has been campaigning with a Klansman,” Ossoff said to Fox News Channel, inm what was a lie.

“She is stooping to these vicious personal attacks to distract from the fact that she’s been campaigning with a former member of the Ku Klux Klan,” Ossoff said. “We deserve better than that here in Georgia.”

Loeffler, said she didn’t know who the man was when she took a photo with him, struck back at her challenger.

“Every Georgian knows that Jon Ossoff is a pathological liar. And he’s a trust-fund socialist who’s never had a job, other than through the Chinese Communist Party,” she said.