Team Trump: New Cellphone Data Raises Doubts Regarding Fani Willis Relationship


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A private investigator for former President Donald Trump’s legal team said newly uncovered cellphone data is casting doubts about previous sworn statements Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis and her admitted lover, attorney Nathan Wade, made regarding the timing of their relationship.

The Epoch Times reported that Trump’s legal team in Georgia hired a private investigator to obtain communications between the DA and her special counsel. That investigation reportedly revealed that the couple exchanged over 2,000 calls and 12,000 texts in 2021, raising questions about the timeline of their relationship, per a court filing.

“Trump attorneys Steve Sadow and Jennifer Little on Friday filed a court affidavit from a private investigator to provide a text and voice call history for the special counsel, Nathan Wade. Ms. Willis and Mr. Wade have been accused of engaging in an improper and secretive relationship in which Ms. Willis financially benefitted from public funds,” the outlet reported.

“Last week during testimony, the pair acknowledged they had a romantic relationship, asserting that the relationship started after she hired Mr. Wade in the Trump case. Both also denied that Ms. Willis financially benefitted from the arrangement,” the outlet added.


According to the report from the private investigator, Charles Mittelstadt, he used CellHawk, a geo-mapping and analysis program, to note that “more than 2,000 voice calls and just under 12,000 text messages [were] exchanged over the 11-month period in 2021” between the two.

In addition, his report included a heat map that “highlights the interaction patterns which demonstrate a prevalence of calls made in the evening hours.”

According to the affidavit submitted to the court, Willis and Wade appeared to be in frequent communication before they claimed their romantic relationship began. While both have said it began in 2022, a witness and former friend of Willis, Robin Yeartie, has disputed that. Yeartie argued that she witnessed them romantically involved in 2019, approximately two years before Wade was hired to work on the case involving former President Donald Trump and 18 co-defendants.

The Epoch Times added:

The filing suggested that Mr. Wade allegedly made 35 visits to a condo in Hapeville, Georgia, where Ms. Willis had lived, and it alleged that he visited her condo late at night twice and left early in the morning—before their relationship allegedly started. That property was owned by Ms. Yeartie, she testified.


“The pair were forced to testify in a two-day hearing last week where they both firmly maintained they didn’t strike up a romance until the spring of 2022 and that they roughly split the cost of their vacations — with Wade buying them on his credit card and Willis paying him back in cash,” the New York Post added. “Wade and Willis also testified they split in the summer of 2023 but they remain close friends.”

Georgia-based defense attorney Keith Johnson told The Post if the affidavit filed by Trump’s team is correct, it “could lead to perjury charges.”

“The affidavit presented by the defense attorney in the case indicates there were several phone calls and text messages between the parties prior to the appointment of Mr. Wade as special prosecutor,” he added.

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“That directly contradicts the sworn testimony of both Mr. Wade and Ms. Willis who stated that they had a platonic relationship prior to him being appointed. Whenever there is a contradictory testimony under oath … you have to look at the intent of the parties and whether they knowingly made false statements,” he noted further, adding that the two of them would have the opportunity to address the allegations in Judge Scott McAfee’s courtroom.

The judge has set closing arguments for March 1. It’s not clear how soon afterward he will reach his decision on whether to remove Willis and Wade from Trump’s case.