Ted Cruz Predicts Democrats Will Lose Scores of Traditional Liberals in Midterms


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Sen. Ted Cruz sounded made some notable predictions about what he believes will happen to the opposition party during the November midterms.

In an interview with co-host Michael Knowles on their “Verdict” podcast, Cruz said he believes that Democrats will suffer a political blowout in the midterms because their policies are literally chasing away their own voters, most notably Tesla and SpaceX founder and CEO Elon Musk.

“The Democrats who are in power seem to be completely misreading the situation. They got a lot of blunders, but as I can see it three really big prominent blunders they’re making right now on the economic front,” Knowles noted during a show segment.

“Not only have they made a lot of poor economic decisions that have hurt the country and certainly their political position, but they’re not backing away from them. They’re doubling down when it comes to energy,” he continued.

“They’re doubling down when it comes to so many aspects of the economy, on the cultural social issues, they’re defending drag queens jiggling for kids, actual little tiny children in bars, 21 plus bars in Texas of all places, they’re defending it,” he added.

“You know, Michael, it reminds me of, do you remember those videos that would come out every spring break, Girls Gone Wild and it would have lots of college women in bikinis or not bikinis?” Cruz, a Texas Republican, responded.

“It reminds me of much the same thing. This is Liberals Gone Wild. This is the crazy left that… this is AOC and Elizabeth Warren, thank God, not in bikinis, but embracing their socialist nuttiness,” he added.


“I mean, it’s literally like someone sat down at a bar and said, how much crazy crap can we do? Like how far can we go to drive away, not just the conservatives,” the Texas Republican continued.

“That’s a given, not even just the moderates, not even just the independents, but what can we do to drive away good old-fashioned liberals who are not nuts,” Cruz said.

“I do wanna clarify, Senator, just on the Girls Gone Wild point. I only ever watched that for the articles,” Knowles quipped.

“I think the analogy is very good that they’ve gone to extremes and followed their own wildest impulses. So what is going to happen to them in these elections that are really coming up right before us?” the co-host asked Cruz.

“I know what they’re gonna do in November. They’re gonna get obliterated in November. It is going to be a historic election. It’s, every issue is so extreme,” Cruz offered.

“Look, there are people, Bill Maher. Bill Maher is an old-school liberal, who they are driving away. Elon Musk, Elon Musk has been a Democrat his whole life,” Cruz added.


“They are driving him away, where he said, ‘Okay, I’m voting Republican now, ’cause these guys are nuts,’” he said.

Speaking of Musk, in late April the Starlink CEO sent liberals into a tizzy online after he tweeted a graphic that indicated a far-left shift of the Democratic Party in recent years, while his political positions — once merely center-left — have not changed.

The tweet was a drawing of stick figures. One represents a liberal, another represents a conservative, and one represents Musk.

The meme shows him in 2008 being left of center and the liberal with a caption that said: “my fellow liberal.”


On the next line it shows 2012 and Musk is in the same place, but as the sides get more extreme and the center moves Musk is now only slightly to the left of the center and the liberal is now further away with the caption “my fellow liberal?” this time posed as a question.

By the line that shows 2021, it shows the center moving far to the left and Musk now being closer to the conservative and on the right of center with the liberal now labeled as a “’ woke’ progressive’ and calling him a “bigot.”

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