Texas Gov. Deems Border Situation ‘Humanitarian Crisis’

Written by Jonathan Davis

OPINION: This article contains commentary which reflects the author's opinion

The situation along the U.S.-Mexico border with the crush of migrants overwhelming facilities has gone from bad to worse and in a quick minute, according to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott.

In an interview with Fox News, Abbott said it’s no longer just a ‘crisis’ it’s much worse — it’s become a “humanitarian crisis.”

“We’ve known this is a crisis. What I learned in just the past hour shows that we are now dealing with a humanitarian disaster,” Abbott said. “I need to talk to you about two of the three locations where migrants are being held in Texas … in addition to the Dallas location, there’s the location in Carrizo Springs, which is in south Texas, as well as in Midland.

“What we learned in Midland, just in the past hour, [are] two things. One is they have no proven clean running water at the location. They were using well water that the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has informed the federal government has not been proven to be safe,” the governor continued.

“There’s no telling what could be in there, including the possibility of arsenic. So the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality is evaluating the water, the running water. So there is no viable, usable running water at the location in Midland,” he added.

The Daily Mail added:

Officials say that there are now more than 14,000 migrant youths being held in federal custody. It is more than three times the largest number of children held under the previous administration, which was widely criticized for putting ‘kids in cages.’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Friday insisted that President Joe Biden’s administration ‘has this under control’ and continued to refuse to call the situation at the southern border a crisis.

The facility in Midland has been plagued by safety concerns and stopped accepting new youths less than a week after it opened.

An official working at the Midland, Texas, facility said most of the Red Cross volunteers staffing the site don’t speak Spanish, even though the teenagers they care for are overwhelmingly from Central America. 

Abbott pushed back on the administration’s claims that they’ve got this and all is well.

“And then on top of that, more than 10 percent of the migrants at the Midland location have now tested positive for COVID-19. In addition to that, you mentioned the Carrizo Springs location. We also learned, within the past hour, that more than 10 percent of the population at that location has tested positive for COVID-19,” he continued.

“Any time we’re dealing with the massive amount of influx of people coming across the border, that would be a humanitarian crisis and a big challenge now, knowing the magnitude of the spread of COVID in these areas. This is occurring during the course of a pandemic and is endangering lives as we speak,” the Republican governor said Friday evening.

In fact, border officials never really had a handle on the influx, which many believe is due almost completely to Joe Biden’s reversal of Donald Trump’s tough immigration enforcement policies and his construction of the wall.

One official compared the real-time establishment of tents and other facilities needed to house the migrant influx to the “building a plane as it’s taking off,” the Daily Mail said.