Fani Willis’ Office Embroiled In Another Scandal


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The office of the Fulton County District Attorney, Fani Willis, is facing another scandal. Recently, text messages were produced in court that reveal an investigator working for Willis’s office made inappropriate advances on a witness while working on a case.

During the RICO trial for Young Slime Life (YSL) against rapper Young Thug and several co-defendants, additional information regarding the investigator’s actions surfaced. While cross-examining a female witness known as A.

Bennett, her lawyer questioned her about messages she had received from a county investigator, Hamilton. Among the text messages was one from Hamilton that suggested he wanted to go out on a date with Bennett, saying, “Hit me up if you’re bored later. We’re not gonna talk shop.”

“And this is February 7 of 2024, this year, when the investigator for the DA’s office is supposed to be talking to you about a case, but in fact, is calling you talking about going on a date. Is that true?” Adams asked the witness.


“Yes,” she replied.

Bennett also testified that Hamilton had called her “mama” several times.

In a text message that was shown to the court, the investigator had texted the witness, “G[ood] m[orning] Mama. Hope you slept well. Again don’t come at 1:30. I have a feeling the defense will keep this same witness from yesterday all day again today. I’ll give you an update at 3pm. You will most likely go up tomorrow morning. I’ll talk 2 u soon.”


Newsweek reported: “Bennett is testifying in the case about a robbery that Williams and two others allegedly committed in 2013. Williams and 27 others were indicted in a sweeping RICO case by Willis in May 2022. The district attorney is accusing Williams of being the kingpin of Young Slime Life, an Atlanta-based street gang affiliated with the notorious national Bloods gang.”

“The YSL trial has been underway since November and is expected to go well into 2024. Monday marks the 54th day of the trial.┬áMonday’s text messages are the latest details in the sexual harassment allegations being raised by Williams’ defense team,” the outlet added.

Last month, Bennett testified in court that Hamilton had sexually harassed her. Bennett also reported that Hamilton had once threatened her by saying he wanted to “take her out when the investigation was over.”

The investigator had wanted to discuss the case with Bennett alone at a restaurant, but she didn’t feel comfortable going alone. As a result, she brought her 2-year-old son along.

On Monday, Adams asked Bennett: “Did the fact that this employee of the district attorney’s office was trying to date you come into your mind as you were thinking about whether you would be coming in and testifying or not?”

“Yes,” she responded.

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