‘That’s Not the Wyoming Way’: Voters Turn On Liz Cheney Just Weeks Before Her Primary


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Rep. Liz Cheney is drawing new heat from voters in her home state of Wyoming as she faces a tough reelection bid ahead of a contested GOP primary in which she is trailing.

Voters, in particular, lamented Cheney’s antics as co-chair of the House Jan. 6 Select Committee, which she co-chairs and whose members were hand-selected by Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

“Are you planning to vote for Liz Cheney?” CNN’s Randi Kaye asked Wyoming voter Sharon Tuggle at the Frontier Days rodeo in Cheyenne, according to The Daily Wire.


“Hell no. She’s done us dirty,” Tuggle said, confirming to Kaye that Cheney lost her vote because of her part on the January 6th committee. “Look at how she’s done Trump.”

“She is supposed to be supporting him,” added Tuggle. “She is a Republican, for crying out loud.”

“Here in Cheyenne, more than 1600 miles from Washington, almost everyone we spoke with told us they believe Liz Cheney is too focused on Donald Trump and the January 6th committee and not paying enough attention to what they believe matters to the people here in Wyoming,” CNN noted in a tweet containing video clips of the network’s interviews with rodeo fans.


“Personally, I think she’s had three too many,” another voter told Kaye regarding Cheney’s bid for a fourth term.

Another voter claimed that Cheney’s work on the “January 6th committee just repulsive.”

“It’s all a hoax. It’s all propaganda. It has nothing to do with anything. It’s a witch hunt,” noted Wyoming voter Andrew Kahler to Kaye.

“She says she’s defending what’s important to people here in Wyoming, upholding the rule of law and defending the Constitution,” Kaye told voter Brett Kupec.


“If that was the rule of law, why doesn’t he have a defense team in that courtroom?” Kupec responded. “That ain’t a rule of law. That’s a kangaroo court. That’s not the Wyoming way.”

Another voter said Cheney is just “an embarrassment.”

Other voters accused the daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney of being too out of touch with her state and its voters and overly focused on the Jan. 6 committee.

“She doesn’t know what her constituents want here anymore because she’s lost touch with the values of the people,” one man told Kaye.


“I don’t feel like she supports her people here in Wyoming anymore,” another woman offered. “The things that she’s voting for don’t really reflect what the people here in Wyoming feel.”

In response to a query from CNN, Cheney’s office directed the network to something the congresswoman said following a June debate with her challengers, including Trump-backed Harriet Hageman, who is double digits ahead of the Wyoming Republican, according to recent surveys.

“In Wyoming, we ride for the brand, and our brand is the United States Constitution,” Cheney said. “So, I’m going to ask people for their vote. I’m going to work hard to earn that vote. But people need to know something about me. I will never put party above my duty to the country. I will never put party above my duty to the Constitution. I swore an oath under God and I will abide by that oath. I won’t say something that I know is wrong simply to earn the votes of people to earn political support.”

Former President Trump signed on to support Hageman early on, who has been active in the state’s GOP politics for years.


“Harriet is a fourth-generation daughter of Wyoming, a very successful attorney, and has the support and respect of a truly great U.S. Senator, Wyoming’s own Cynthia Lummis,” Trump said.

“Harriet Hageman adores the Great State of Wyoming, is strong on Crime and Borders, powerfully supports the Second Amendment, loves our Military and our Vets, and will fight for Election Integrity and Energy Independence (which [President Joe] Biden has already given up),” he added.

“Unlike RINO Liz Cheney, Harriet is all in for America First. Harriet has my Complete and Total Endorsement in replacing the Democrats number one provider of sound bites, Liz Cheney. Make America Great Again!” the former president concluded.

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