‘The View’ Accuses Thomas of Being a Race Traitor, Barrett of Being a Traitor to Women


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The liberal panelists on ABC’s “The View” made a slew of outrageous comments about two Republican-appointed Supreme Court justices following news that Justice Stephen Breyer will be retiring from the bench.

During an off-the-rails conversation on the show, the panel argued that Justice Clarence Thomas “doesn’t really represent the Black community” and Justice Amy Coney Barrett was appointed purely as a “White woman” who would overturn abortion rights.

After smearing Thomas based on his race and Barrett on her gender, the left-wing hosts discussed Joe Biden’s promise to nominate a Black woman to fill a seat.


Below is a transcript of the exchange:


BEHAR: “What about Tim Scott from Florida, the Republican who says that — I’ll read it to you — he says Biden’s pick would be a radical liberal with extremist views.”

Goldberg: “Well, what else is he going to say?”

HOSTIN: “Ketanji Judge Jackson clerked for Justice Breyer, and so that would be a wonderful way of continuing his legacy.”

Goldberg: “But you know, these guys, they’re going to say anything, and they’re going to try to make it like she didn’t earn her way there. That’s why I started the conversation by saying, you know, they’re talking about it as an affirmative action. Not only is that just —“

BEHAR: “Oh my God.”

Goldberg: “That’s not what we’re saying. It’s just so — and that’s why I said listen, 111 years. We’re way past affirmative action. It’s way past.”


BEHAR: “You could say that somebody like Amy Coney Barrett was put in there because she’s a white woman.”

HOSTIN: “Yeah.”

BEHAR: “Who they say will go against abortion rights and she’s a woman. So that was deliberate, I think. Clarence Thomas, a black guy, a black man, a justice, OK, I’ll give it to him. He’s a smart guy, but he is to the right of Attila the Hun, this guy, and they put him in there saying, oh, a black man will go against voting rights which is what he does.”

HOSTIN: “And it was a terrible —“

BEHAR: “And it’s very a tricky business they’re pulling over there when you think about it. And not to mention the fact that Mitch McConnell has no concept of the law when it comes to the Supreme Court.”

Goldberg: “They — they know the law. They’re not following it. They don’t want to follow it. That’s the issue.”

HOSTIN: “It is terribly disrespectful to appoint someone like Clarence Thomas with his philosophies to the sit of Thurgood Marshall, a civil rights activist.”

BEHAR: “I know.”

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