‘The View’ Names Two New ‘Conservative’ Co-Hosts Who Are Both Anti-Trump


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ABC’s long-running daytime cultural and political gabfest “The View” has finally named two new nominally conservative co-hosts to its line-up.

But perhaps not surprisingly, both are vehement critics of former President Donald Trump and, by default, his tens of millions of supporters.

According to Fox News, “Alyssa Farah Griffin, who served as White House communications director during the Trump administration, and Ana Navarro will be new co-hosts of the show.”


Last month, the outlet reported that the show had selected Griffin as the permanent ‘conservative’ on the panel to replace Meghan McCain, who announced she was leaving the show in July 2021.

Griffin “was one of several candidates who had served as a repeat guest host in a lengthy audition to become the sole ‘conservative’ voice on the liberal daytime talk show,” Fox News noted, adding:

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg said they wanted to honor former host Barbara Walters’ vision for the show by representing different voices. Farah Griffin will appear daily, while Navarro will continue to host the show but not every day. ABC played a montage of Farah Griffin and Navarro’s notable appearances; both are Republicans but are sharp Donald Trump critics. 

“Barbara Walters had this vision for bringing women from totally different backgrounds, lived experiences, careers, to talk about the tough issues that frankly our elected officials often aren’t tackling, and we do that every day, and we’re having important conversations,” Griffin said on the show following the formal announcement.

“I can’t say how much I’ve learned from all of you, and I hope to learn from all of you, and I will say this. The last couple of years have been a bit turbulent for me, you know, you saw it in the preview there,” she continued. “It’s going to get sporty sometimes, but I adore you women.”

“It’s going to get more than sporty,” co-host Sunny Hostin interjected, Fox News reported.


The report continued:

Farah Griffin was a loyal aide in the Trump White House, serving under Vice President Mike Pence and the Pentagon as well, but since leaving the administration in December 2020, she has assailed Trump as a threat to democracy and expressed regret at working for him. Critics on both sides of the aisle have suggested she’s shifted her views to make herself more palatable to the media. 


Navarro, a left-wing Republican who supports Democrats, was also named as an official co-host, but won’t be appearing on the show full time for the foreseeable future. Navarro has frequently appeared as a guest host and contributor over the years, endearing herself to the audience as a staunch supporter of liberal policies.

“As you all know, most weeks I’m on a plane almost four times a week and I spent countless hours on planes, at airports, in hotels. Sometimes it gets lonely, but I also know it’s a huge, enormous, incomparable privilege to be part of a 25-year institution, and whether people like it or not, whether some people acknowledge it or not, it is the relevance and the importance and the platform that ‘The View’ represents, and I and we at this table have spent a lot of time, a lot of time talking about representation and saying representation matters,” Navarro said, going on to added that she considered the offer an opportunity she wanted to embrace with “both hands.”


Fox News quoted a source, however, that said “a lot of people” at ABC wanted Navarro to have the job over Griffin, “and suggested her candidacy was officially quashed following her controversial comments on CNN last month when she pointed to her own relatives with Down syndrome, autism, and other disabilities to defend abortions following the Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade,” the network reported.

Several critics accused Navarro of essentially promoting eugenics. The network reported that she was nevertheless “apoplectic” that she did not get the gig herself.


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