Top 4 excuses people use that prevent from succeeding

Explain Life - No more excuses
Explain Life - No more excuses

Explain Life - No more excuses

If everyone knows that we need to think positively, lead a healthy lifestyle and do what we love, have we thought about why there are only few really successful, healthy and rich people out there?

Honestly answer the following question:
“Which of the tips for improving your life, realizing your dream or achieving success are you implementing?”
If your answer began with the words “I would be happy to, but …”, “it’s easy to read …”, “I cannot …”, or any other way we find to procrastinate our road to success…then we must read the words of success below.

The most important reason for failure

One of the most important and insidious reasons for a person’s failure is justification. Yes, they are, and not inaction, uncertainty, and indecisiveness – these are arbitrary excuses.

It is very convenient to find an excuse that gives a “legitimate” basis for doing nothing. Indeed, with justification very well – the conscience is clean and nothing bothers us.

We should observe our thoughts for at least one day. Notice how often you justify your inaction and indecision. That’s how many times we are justified, so many times we lose the chance of success.

“The master of excuses is rarely a master in anything else.”
Benjamin Franklin

Once we know the source of our indecision, we can begin to fight against it!

[mks_accordion_item title=”1. I do not have time. “]
One of the most common excuses. Lack of time is the result of lack of priorities, concentration on important matters, passion, and discipline. No one has more time than 24 hours a day. However, some people manage to do in a day what others cannot handle in a week.

If you cannot find the time to fulfill your dream (for example, to write a book or master a new activity), then this is not so important for you or you are afraid. Justifying the lack of time will not solve this problem. Stop lying to yourself, and find the real reason for your inaction!

How to overcome? First, take some time-management practices. Learn how to effectively manage your time. Secondly, set priorities, answering the question: “How important is it for me?”
[mks_accordion_item title=”2. I have no money. “]

This cannot be an excuse for your inaction. Even if you have $1 million dollars, you will not open your own business, instead find new excuses not to. The first thing you need is determination and faith in your own success. No money? Find a partner who has some money.

How to overcome? Understand that you have a lot of opportunities and other resources to succeed. Money – this is not a guarantee of your success, but rather a confirmation.
[mks_accordion_item title=”3. I do not know how. “]

Do not be offended, but this is just a stupid excuse. No one is born with the ability to create a cartoon empire like Walt Disney or with knowledge of the principles of trade like Thomas Lipton.

There are a lot of opportunities for free and paid to learn, and find out necessary information. The Internet gives limitless possibilities. Imagine how many inventions we would lose if their authors would say “I do not know how”.

How to overcome? That’s enough excuses! If you really want something, look for the opportunity as hard as you can!

“Who wants, he seeks opportunities, who does not want – he searches for the reasons.”

[mks_accordion_item title=”4. This is unrealistic.”]

There is nothing unreal! Thomas Edison, King Gillette, have listened to doubts about the reality of their inventions. However, they believed and continued to search for a solution to their dreams. The results of their persistence and belief that everything is real, we use today.

How to overcome? Believe in yourself and your dream. Read incredible success stories from history, see for yourself, they are real.

This is not a complete list of excuses. This list can be continued indefinitely. Above are the most common excuses and ways to solve them. Use the above excuses in your life situations, you will be able to cope with your own.

Funny to hear phrases like this:

  • I was too tired …
  • Yes, of course, tomorrow I’ll go
  • I’m too stupid to do it …
  • I’m not good enough
  • This is clearly not for me.
  • I sent an email message – but no one responded …
  • I did not have enough motivation …
  • I was depressed …
  • I have no money, I cannot afford it!
  • And so on …

Enough to seek excuses! Begin to act at last! You get to live your life and create your memories to enjoy!