Top Democrat Admits Sham Of Impeachment

They impeachment sham is in full swing in Washington, D.C. and the entire nation is watching as Democrats beclown themselves in a partisan witch hunt.

But one top Democrat, in a rare moment of truthfulness, admitted that part of the impeachment was done to maximize his Party’s exposure on national television.

Florida Democrat Rep. Ted Deutch appeared on CNN and admitted that the Democrats postponed the impeachment vote to maximize the circus show of it.

“We went into [Thursday] thinking we were going to vote yesterday also, but my Republican colleagues offered amendment after amendment and it was clear that this was going to go well into the night, and this is the most consequential vote most members of Congress will ever cast. The American people deserve to see it. It ought to take place in the light of day,” he said.

The translation of that is simple. They wanted to do it when they could do the most grandstanding and run to the cameras to talk about what a “somber” moment it was for them.

But it is a bunch of, as former Vice President Joe Biden says in his Iowa campaign, malarkey. The Democrats do give one iota about the damage this is doing to America.

The only thing they care about, the only thing they have ever cared about during this entire sham, is to damage President Donald Trump.

“This is the most important thing we’re going to do in the committee. Of course, we shouldn’t rush it, the Congressman said.

“So we decided to go home, take a break and come back and actually have this vote today after everyone has had an opportunity to think about what they heard over the past two days about the president’s abuse of power and then the obstruction of Congress that led us to this moment to begin with,” he said.

Is that what it is Congressman? Or is it the fact that Democrats are abandoning ship on this sham and polls show that American voters are starting to side against the impeachment?

This entire impeachment is going to leave a stain on the careers of Speaker and California Rep. Nancy Pelosi and any Democrat associated with it.

Now Democrats are rushing it because they know that the longer it drags on the worse it gets for them in the eyes of the voters.

It will likely mean that President Trump gets elected again in 2020 and Republicans keep the Senate and take back the House.