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Former Democrat State Representative Candidate Allegedly Caught In Child Sex Sting: Report

Child predators are an active and dangerous threat in our society and one former Democrat candidate is among those predators.

A former Democrat candidate for state representative of Massachusetts, Matt Trowbridge, was caught on text and video soliciting sex from who he thought was a 14-year-old boy, The Gateway Pundit reported.

A former Democrat candidate for Massachusetts State Representative has been caught on camera by a group of pedophile hunters attempting to meet up with a 14-year-old boy for sex.

Matt Trowbridge, who currently works for a nursing home, was busted by an activist group called Predator Poachers of Massachusetts trying to meet a child for sex through the app Grindr. The group does “To Catch A Predator” style stings and posts them on YouTube.

“You’re how old?” he asks before the person posing as a 14-year-old boy says he “already told you.”

“It is a tactic to verify lol. I know what you told me. I wanna make sure your answers match before I head over,” Trowbridge said.

“14 turning 15 soon wow,” the poser said. “You don’t have to if you don’t want.” But Triwbridge responded simply “nice.”

In another message the former candidate asks if the 14-year-old wants to “fool around and have some funs.

He adds that he wants to “see that cute boy mouth with my **** in it.”

Trowbridge asked in another text if the boy’s mother had left to which the pretend 14-year-old said “No 230 she leaves.”

The pretend 14-year-old asked Trowbridge what they were going to do to which he said “You are gonna suck my **** and swallow my ****.”

Trowbridge went to the address he was given and as he was confronted by cameras the man filming him said “you should have known this was gonna happen.”

Trowbridge immediately said “oh f**k“ and started running.

In 2010 Trowbridge dropped out of the race for representative citing “personal issues,” The Sun Chronicle reported.

Trowbridge said some personal issues have surfaced that would prevent him from dedicating enough time to campaigning. “Some personal matters have popped up that need my attention more than the race does,” he said.

He said he thoroughly enjoyed campaigning and hopes to be involved in politics in the future.

Trowbridge said he originally got into the race because of his concern for civil rights, particularly gay marriage rights, which Poirier, R-North Attleboro, opposes. However, he said his interests expanded as he met more people and learned about more issues.

“I have had more fun during this campaign, meeting people and hearing their stories. It was such an incredible journey,” he said at the time.

In 2010 he said that another campaign for office was in his plans for the future but “now is not the right time to do it.”

Fast forward a decade and now is definitely not the right time to do it after being publicly humiliated soliciting sex from someone he thought was 14-years-old.

Trowbridge now, or at least for the time being, works in a nursing home taking care of some of the most vulnerable among us.