Former Ohio GOP Gov. John Kasich Will Speak At Democratic Convention

Democrats are certainly going to use every trick in the bag to defeat President Donald Trump in November’s critical election.

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s campaign has been reaching out to Republicans who despise President Donald Trump to support his campaign to make it seem as if both political parties want the president out of office.

Former Republican Ohio Gov. John Kasich will speak on behalf of presumptive Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden this August at the Democratic National Convention, according to the Washington Examiner.

During an interview on CNN, the Never-Trumper said he decided to speak at this year’s Democratic convention because the country needs “a new direction.”

“The reason I didn’t support Trump the last time is I was afraid that he would be a divider and not a unifier, and our best leaders historically have been unifiers — Republicans and Democrats. But unfortunately, as I’ve watched him over the last 3 1/2 years now, he’s continued to do that, and I don’t think the country does well when we’re divided,” Kasich.

“I had to search my conscience. When the Democrats asked me to speak, I had to think about it, and I believe we need a new direction. We just can’t keep going the way that we’re going,” he added. “It was necessary to do this, and I felt it’s the right thing to do.”

Kasich encouraged fellow Republicans to “take off your partisan hat and vote on the basis of what your conscience tells you about the future of your country, not just for yourself but for your kids as well.”

“So, I’m a conservative, and people are going to say, ‘Oh well, he’s really not,’ but yes, I have been,” the former governor said. “But I believe that Biden can bring us together. I am going to disagree with Joe on things, and they expected that when they asked me to do this.”

Kasich said that he thinks Biden is a “man of faith” who can bring people together.

“I think he can restore civility,” Kasich said. “And I don’t think he’ll go hard left. I think he’s a pretty tough guy. So, I’m comfortable with the fact that he would be our leader. I expect he’ll have Republicans that will be part of anything he does going forward.”

Kasich ran for the Republican nomination back in 2016 against Trump and has since been a vocal critic of Trump.

He’s clearly petty and looking for any way possible to go after the president.

Ben Shapiro, editor emeritus at the Daily Wire, tore into Kasich earlier this month over the idea that he might be speaking at the Democratic National Convention in support of Biden.

“Did he ever stop running for president? Did he officially drop out in 2016 or is he still actually running?” Shapiro mockingly asked.

Shapiro joked that Kasich has likely been a regular guest of honor at “rubber chicken dinners” where he gives speeches “no one listens to.”

He also asked where Kasich’s political niche would actually be in the DNC.

“My goodness, where is the groundswell in Democratic Party circles — like oh my God, John Kasich is coming — I’m so excited I can’t wait for John Kasich to speak — Words said by No one in the history of man,” Shapiro said.