TOTAL IRONY: Biden Adviser Says Americans Should Care About Ukraine Because ‘Borders Should Be Inviolate’


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A leading Biden administration official says that a major reason why Americans should “care” about what is happening in Ukraine is that international borders ought to be respected, even as his boss has implemented immigration policies that Republicans have characterized as leaving the U.S. border wide open.

In an interview this week with far-left MSNBC, Jonathan Finer, Biden’s deputy national security adviser, responded to a question from the host, “Why should Americans care what’s happening in Ukraine?”

“Because it goes to a very fundamental principle of, of, all nations, which is that our borders should be inviolate, that our sovereignty should be respected,” Finer said, adding: “If the international system is to mean anything, it should mean that no country can change another country’s borders.”

Finer’s comments come amid new numbers from the Department of Homeland Security indicating record-high encounters with illegal aliens again in December.


Fox News correspondent Bill Melugin reported this week that DHS encountered nearly 179,000 migrants along the U.S.-Mexico border in December alone, indicating anew that President Biden’s immigration and border security policies are doing next to nothing to stem the tide of illegal immigration.

“BREAKING: CBP finally releases December migrant encounter numbers at Southern border. 178,840. The first 3 months of FY’22 have already seen 518,370 encounters. That’s more than *double* first 3 months of FY’21. (218,306), which was the highest on record at the time,” Melugin noted in a tweet.

In addition, Melugin has also been tracking the latest Biden administration initiatives to disperse illegal aliens around the country — including those who, under current law, are supposed to be deported immediately.

“NEW: We witnessed the federal gov mass releasing single adult migrants, almost all men, at a parking garage in Brownsville. Taxi cabs were then called for them. We followed the taxis to Harlingen airport, where the migrants were dropped off to get on flights around U.S.,” he wrote in a post containing video showing the process.

At the end of the video, two migrants dropped off at the airport said they were going to “Miami.”


“There are black tarps set up around the parking garage to obstruct the public’s view. In a statement, the city of Brownsville confirmed to me that they use this spot to work with the federal government to facilitate travel for the migrants released from federal custody,” Melugin continued.

“Single adult migrants are supposed to be expelled from the country via Title 42. CBP tells me they had no involvement with these releases. An ICE source tells me these were ICE releases. ICE tells me they are looking into it. I am awaiting further comment from them,” he added.

“BREAKING: Another federally contracted bus just pulled up to the same parking garage in Brownsville and released dozens of predominantly single adult male migrants, who went into the same unmarked office. One of the bus drivers confirmed this was an ICE drop off,” Melugin wrote in another tweet, documenting the blatant Biden regime lawlessness.

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